Why do guys act distant when they give off signs of attraction?

My guy friend knew I liked him but he said he wasn't interested in anyone although he had acted interested. After he knew I liked him, he and I for... Show More

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  • personally I think he likes you, but too afraid to show it.. see if he thinks you are stunningly beautiful he might be afraid to speak his mind and confess his feeling because he might think he'll scare you away if he does, so he's trying to show that he's all together but really every time your around him his world just stops and you are the only person he wants to be with.

    • But then why would he say that he wasn't interested before?

    • maybe to hide his true feelings because you said he acted interested, so why act interested and look at you when your not looking and all that if he doesn't harbor any feelings towards you?

    • Okay, yeah, makes sense. And frankly, I thought it was, too, but it's like '...there's no way..."