Makeup Fails And How To Avoid Them

Make-up Fails And How To Avoid Them

1. Failure to blend

Why it happens:

Usually you're in a rush trying to quickly run your brush or your fingers over your face to get the job done leaving you with patches of foundation or concealer, or streaks which you hopefully discover, sooner rather than later.


Duh, take your time. Wake-up a few minutes earlier if you have to. When using your brush, make small circles or delicate strokes to smooth and blend or use your fingers (clean of course) or sponge to take a hands on approach to getting in tight especially around your jaw line, under eyes creases, and areas next to your nose. I would advise taking a photo of yourself with the flash which can reflect your highlighter as in the picture above. Make doubly sure you have blended that in as it can give off a chalky appearance which is never good.

2. The Wrong Foundation

Why it happens:

A lot of women, especially women of color, need not one, but often times two or three foundation colors. Women tend to pick something that they think most resembles their skin, but it only works for certain parts of their face and not others. Picking a lighter color than you are gives you that ashen ghost like face which is especially magnified under camera flash or bright lights.


If you are completely clueless about make-up, please go see a consultant at a make-up counter or salon to help guide you to pick the right shades for you. In order to blend up your correct shades you need to look for foundation/concealer both one to two shades lighter than your skin tone, and one to two shades darker than your skin tone. On areas of the face that reflect the most light, if you're say standing in front of your bathroom mirror, like your forehead, nose, chin, you'll want to use the lighter shade there as well as for dark under eye circles. For all other areas, you'll want to use the darker shade and then use a brush, your fingers, or a sponge to blend, blend, blend so you don't run into problem number 1. Make sure to get your neck too to create a seamless blend between face and neck.

3. Lipstick on the Teeth

Why it happens:

With all the application steps for applying lipstick, a lot of it can wind up closer to the inside of your lips that will be touching your teeth.


As your final step for lipstick application, you can lightly blot your lips on a paper towel or tissue and then form an O shape with your mouth, stick your finger in your mouth like a Popsicle, and then pull your finger out. Any extra lipstick should come off. Though I wouldn't recommend it, some people do go an extra step and take a tiny bit of Vaseline and rub it on their front teeth.

4. Nude Lip Fail

Why it happens:

Women think that finding the right nude lip is to find a shade that is close to their own skin tones, but what you really should be paying attention to is your actual natural lip color. What ends up happening is women buy these shades trying to match their skin that are so light it gives them this frosted or chalky looking lip.


Purse your lips together a couple of times so that you get the blood rushing to them. Then take your camera or phone in good lighting and take a snap up close. Carry this with you to the make-up counter or aisle and search for something nearest to that shade. You may have to go through a couple shades before you land on the right one, or even blend a few shades to create your own color, but take your time with it.

5. Your Brows are Way Too Dark

Why it happens:

Women often think, my brows are black and therefore I need a black brow pencil to fill them in and then on top of that, they go way to hard and dark with an already dark shade.


Look for a brow pencil in a shade two shades lighter than your natural hair color or the color you've dyed your hair. Then when you do find your shade, use a light touch as you fill in your brows. You don't need to bare down hard and do hard strokes, but rather you want a feather light touch and light lines


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  • Why wear makeup? If a guy likes you for only your looks then he's obviously not into you. He just wants a hot girlfriend to brag about. There s no point in makeup because all it is, is a mask to cover up the real you.

    • It isn't a mask. It just enchances your natural features

    • why lift weights? why where deodorant? why put gel in your hair? why brush your teeth? why shave? Guys like to pretend that they are so above the "mask" bit, but we all as human beings do things to enhance our natural selves, to mask our natural smells, to shape our hairs in different ways than they naturally grow. There are very few people on this earth that are 100% all natural.

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  • This is great makeup advice, good take.


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  • PERFECT TIPS! Thank you <3

  • do you have any tips for perfect winged liner? I suck at it!

    • What's your eye shape? How you apply depends a bit on that.

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    • Method #2: even better and easier, again, since you can't see the majority of your lids anyway, literally slightly above your actual lash line at your crease above the edge of your lash line, just draw the winged tip only.

    • Thank you! Some helpful tips