Do guys honestly like girls that dress like sluts? Or do they really like clean cut girls?

I know a bunch of guys who always seem to go for the same girls at school: short skirts, low tops, the average and typical sluts. Are these girls and guys the exceptions? Or do most guys like girls who are clean cut and dress nicely. Some of my guy friends have also told me that guys can sometimes be intimidated by a nicely dressed, pretty girl, so they'll go for the ones that look more... open instead. What's the truth, guys?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I like girls who wear a black miniskirt and a dress shirt. I like the secretary outfit lol. but really, I usually judge by the face and hair because. I know what you mean by sluts, there is one in my hi school. She has no boyfriend cause guys are intimidated by her and think she's too slutty. So not like micro mini skirt/shorts and a top that shows off your belly, that's just too much.