Do guys honestly like girls that dress like sluts? Or do they really like clean cut girls?

I know a bunch of guys who always seem to go for the same girls at school: short skirts, low tops, the average and typical sluts. Are these girls and guys the exceptions? Or do most guys like girls who are clean cut and dress nicely. Some of my guy friends have also told me that guys can sometimes be intimidated by a nicely dressed, pretty girl, so they'll go for the ones that look more... open instead. What's the truth, guys?


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  • I like girls who wear a black miniskirt and a dress shirt. I like the secretary outfit lol. but really, I usually judge by the face and hair because. I know what you mean by sluts, there is one in my hi school. She has no boyfriend cause guys are intimidated by her and think she's too slutty. So not like micro mini skirt/shorts and a top that shows off your belly, that's just too much.


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  • Those guys are looking for tail, not a girlfriend. That's not to say however that guys who are looking for a girlfriend don't like it when a girl dresses in provocative clothing. Men are visual creatures, we get turned on by such outfits and are naturally attracted to the girls wearing them, however the intent we have in her might not be what she had in mind.

  • The truth is that I am 100% not intimidated by nicely dressed women but I do like when women dress sexy...which I guess would be dressing like a typical slut to some women. A lot of the clean-cut women that you are talking about (at least if I'm thinking about what you're thinking about) are usually those suburban girls that seem nice at first but they are really annoying and boisterous, especially when drunk and/or with their friends. ...we call them "gits" BTW

    • Sexy and slutty are different... sexy is like, Little Black Dress, low top with jeans, short skirt with shirt... slutty is micromini, thigh high lace up boots, mesh tops

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    • How did the name "gits" come about ?

      just curious.

    • I dunno, but this is what the dictionary says about it:

      git |git|

      noun Brit., informal

      an unpleasant or contemptible person.

  • Im not gonna lie. The "sluts" are hot. a really short miniskirt and a very revealing top is f***ing hot! and these types also tend to wear the "sexy" eye make up that make them look even hotter. The sluts look hotter than the conservative looking ones, that's the damn truth, Ill admit to it maybe you should invest in the slutty stuff if you want more guys to come at you.

  • I like girls that are dressed nice over slutty dressed because I definitely would not want a girlfriend that feels like walking through public half naked it would embarrass me. And by all means don't start dressing that way just to get a mans attention. The only guys you'll attract will be pervs.

  • I find girls like this enjoy the power over the attention they get and absolutely love prick teasing me,literally rubbing their genitals in mens faces,as a man that hasn't had a girlfriend or any sex I find it horrible,it drives me mad,so I often avoid going out at night and being in populated places in the summer,but when I wake up with an early morning hard on,or have sexual thoughts other times of the day,I dream about girls like this,if I was capable of attracting women,it would turn me on if they dressed very slutty,say like a mini skirt or dress a few inches above her crotch and with no knickers on,really low cut tops and no bra,and knee high stiletto boots,together with lots or make up,but whenever I see girls like this in real life,they call me a pervert or worse and are quite horrible,however girls that dress more conservatively are usually a lot nicer to me.


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  • Class not crass.