When you lock eyes with a stranger of the opposite gender, is that always a good sign?

That you find each other interesting or attractive.

The moments where you only focus on each other, without everything is blocked out for 2 or more seconds.


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  • For me, mostly it is...but sometimes when I see a really annoying guy (like some guy that's been bugging me for 45 minutes...I give him a long look, but one of utter irritation and I hope he gets the point...I squint my eyes and look at him like I'm about to kick his ass if he doesn't give me a break).

    But..mostly, when I see someone I like, I try to keep eye contact...but not too long, just as long as I feel comfortable looking at them. 5 seconds at the most..unless we're talking about a staring contest! ...and if it is a staring contest, both parties would be aware of it so as not to weird out the other one! xD


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What Girls Said 2

  • If you have that little "magical moment" where everything else disappears, then yes, it's a good sign.

  • thats because you knw each other from previous birth..

    that is the only reason...


What Guys Said 1

  • Depends on their eyes. If they're squinted, and they give you that sudden feeling to look away, it's usually bad. Yesterday, I was with my cousins, and I locked eyes with this beautiful girl, while I was smiling, and it was coincidence she was smiling too. We locked eyes for about 3 seconds(we were still smiling) and then I looked away. Not because I was intimidated or was a coward, but because I knew she was gonna check me out after I turned my back on her... and because I didn't want to ask for her number or flirt a bit. Not to mention I was with my cousins and we had to go. She DID check me out after I continued walking past her. So yes, eye contact for more than 2 seconds is usually good if they have that flirty glint in them.