Do men get Brazilian waxes?

How do get rid of those hairs on their balls? Waxing strips don't exactly work there, do they. Do they use a tweezer?

Also, it'd strange to only wax the front, but not the back, wouldn't it?


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  • I have done the full manzillion about 6 times but my skin reacted badly everytime so I had to stop

    • Do you remember which part hurt the most?

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    • Interestingly, that's also the most hurtful spot for women (or me at least). I guess the skin of the scrotum isn't as delicate as sa230e said?

      Had to look up what manzillion meant... and came across the Phelps option.. I don't know how anyone could endure all hair removed in one sitting.

    • Nope the scrotum was probably least painful then the shaft and surprisingly enough the ass cheeks sting pretty bad

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  • The idea of waxing my balls is terrifying. The skin of the scrotum is really thin and delicate. I've read it's similar to a woman's labia. And before you say anything, I know waxing is painful to girls too. A shaved pussy is nice but if a girl doesn't want to do it, I would totally understand.

    The best I can do is use scissors and trim as close to the skin as I dare. I tried a shaver once and cut myself on every stroke. Not fun.

  • This one's easy and I do it all the time: u simply shave the balls. I've never cut myself and there's no irritation afterwards. Surprisingly, balls are like one of the easiest body parts to shave; shaving ur face is harder! :D

    • You must have a nice and tight scrotum. My ex had so much excessive skin.. he couldn't really shave it, at least not very clean XD

  • Ouch. waxing balls? Plucking? Use some dang shaving cream with a razor, after its buzzed short with a pair of clippers.

  • I doubt guys do

  • No, just a good razor will do. Although a metrosexual or a homosexual might.


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