Thong sticking out of their pants?

You see a lot of girls dressing like this. They're wearing pants or shorts or whatever whose waist is lower than where their thong sits. Personally I think it looks trashy and skanky. What are your opinions?

And for the record I think it's just as retarded looking when guys do it with their boxers and their sagging jeans. Just in case you were going to bring that up.


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  • Ugh, the on-purpose thong string hanging out is soooo trashy! A girl in my English class a few years ago had her thong string hanging out every single day - and not like an accident, like maybe her jeans were a bit more low-cut than she thought. No, her thong string was out on display a good 3 or 4 inches above her jeans, and her shirt all pulled up past her belly button to show it off. One day my friends and I dared a guy to go stick a dollar in her thong string, like a stripper... he did AND he slapped her ass and winked. She was PISSED! But she didn't wear her thongs all hanging out after that. I think we did the rest of the world a favor!

    With the guys and boxers thing, it doesn't bug me if it's like just a peek of boxers. But when a good 6 inches is showing and your pants are sagging down to the floor and the crotch of your pants is at your knees... pull those damn pants up or I'll go ahead and pull them down. Another thing that bugs me is when the boxers are on display and thus a viable part of the outfit, but clash horribly with the rest of what the guy is wearing! If you're going to wear a navy and white striped shirt (perfectly acceptable), don't wear red, green, and brown plaid boxers. It's hideous. Ugh it's just so stupid to wear huge pants like that. Though I must say, I'm not wild about guys wearing the supertight girl jeans, either. Can't guys just dress like guys? Jeez.

    • Well, I wished I did that in high school. Damn

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  • ALWAYS trashy. it's rarely an actual "accident." Practically speaking, thongs don't come up very high (by design) so you'd have to be wearing your pants with half your rear sticking out for it to show in the first place - a look no civilized person would leave the house with!

    It's more of a very immature way to get a very immature type of attention. A real lady keeps at least some of her mystery ;) There's nothing wrong with wearing thongs, but displaying them for the whole world to see just sends out a very negative signal.

    As for the boxers/jeans look, that seems a bit more forgivable - not because it's any less unattractive, but because it's easier to see as an "accident" (although in some cases it is most definitely not).

    Pull up your pants or wear boyshorts ;)

    • I love boyshorts. quite possibly the best underwear design out there. that and string bikini underwear.

    • Yep, that's what I wear. I prefer it to other designs.

  • I never actually see girls doing that, ever. Like, I saw one girl do it accidentally once when she bent over while wearing tight jeans, but that was years ago.

  • i say it's UNDERwear because it's suppose to be UNDER what you WEAR. I don't get why undies are suddenly part of the actual outfit. it's trashy and stupid. I just want to smack them all for their nonsense. hopefully's everybody will learn to pull their pants up and invest in a belt or two.

  • i hate it too. sometimes when I see girls with the thong straps sitting on their waist (those girls must have a major wedgie to have the thong straps pulled so high up anyway, wtf?), I have this immense urge to reach over, pull the strap, let go and make it snap.

    i think showing a little bit of boxers is fine for guys, especially if they're skateboarding or inline skating or whatever. but to go out to town walking about with boxers hanging out, then yes, it's retarded.

    • Lmao! I want to snap the straps too and just say 'put it away!' lol

  • glad you brought this up.

    i really don't like seeing that.

    i think its trashy as well.

    really we all gotta see what's in your pants ?

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  • You're exactly right! I don't know for certain what it is, but it's as though periodic calls to tasteless behavior go out to the mentally-constipated cretins of the world. I suspect an alpha-cretin to be at the root of it.

  • Boys started doing that to show the "Calvin Klein" on the waistband, to let the world know they're wearing more expensive than Penney or Wal Mart home brands.

    That and the contrast whith the chain gang/prison look alike baggy pants must appeal to some superficial minds.

    Girls followed: they were already used to show cleavage(with some lace), legs, to flash panties, so why not show they're "hot" and "in" and let the world know theirbooty is bare, for grabs?

    It isn't beautiful or classy. Nor is a deep cleavage. But that's only in my eyes)

    Of course it's all teasing, don't take them serious.

  • I think it depends on the situation. Personally, I tend to be more attracted to tastefully dressed women. But...that's not to say I wouldn't peek if I happened to see a thong. Now, as to whether or not it's attractive (to me) depends on the intent. If it's accidental and on the right physique, it can be extremely attractive because it gives a bit of a hint at the sexual personality of the woman. It's sort of like having a well cut shirt that emphasizes your positive attributes (whatever they may be) and hides the negative. A glimpse of hidden sexy underwear makes the guy wonder what else about the woman is sexy.

    However...if it's done on purpose in a trashy way, or if it's so egregious as to be glaringly obvious, then no, it's not very attractive (to me).

    And to throw out a comment about boys and their boxers hanging out...that just plain looks does the sideways ball cap. Either one and I can't take a guy seriously at all.

  • I don't care much for it either, I think it is in poor taste and really doesn't reflect well on the person, as it seems to me that they really don't have much in the way of an imagination.

  • LoL @ whaletails ;)

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