Do guys prefer tan or white skin?

I bet everyone's gonna say tan...

I WANT a pale skin color, I personally think its beautiful.

What I like for a girl is... very white skin color, big green/hazel eyes, dark hair and Nice shaped lips. (WOW)-but is it just me?

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  • I like dark skinned girls. I like tanned girls. But pale girls can be beauties too... its how you execute your looks. If you want to be pale. Try it. You might love the way you look and people may like it. haha. If that's you in the avitar picture, well I think your a beauty.


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What Guys Said 4

  • it really all depends on the girl, there are a lot of white skin girls that are beautiful, and then there are a lot of tan girls that are just as beautiful, it usually goes with their hair color and body type, but every girl is beautiful in theyre own way, my skin is really dark, so sometimes I like white girls they make me feel darker, lol but I like both overall.

  • No real preference-

  • No preference.

  • It honestly depends on the girl.


What Girls Said 2

  • i just have to say, I can't really imagine a really pale & white-skinned girl with a toned body because it just looks weird. imagine albino fergie (eww). I think white-skinned girls look better with the soft meatier look (like liv tyler) or the skinny look like nic kidman, than tanned girls do. while tanned girls look better being fit & toned (either small-sized like eva longoria, or curvier like beyonce) than white-skinned girls do.

    anyway, white-skinned or tan...i think both are beautiful.

  • i have fair skin and I'm proud of it. my skin rivals albino skin, it's so fair. but I take care of my skin and protect it from the sun and I know that my skin will age more gracefully, like Nicole Kidman's skin, than skin that gets toasted in the sun and on tanning beds.