Your favorite cologne for MEN?

I've been told by some women that there are some fragrances that literally turns them on. I don't mean it makes them want to grab strangers and tear their clothes off, but depending on the situation, their reaction could range from simply "intrigued" to actually wanting to jump you (or at least make out with you).

Ladies do you have a favorite cologne for men? Is there a fragrance that really tickles your fancy, at least one that makes you say -- wow he really smells great!?

Or guys do you have a fragrance that you've noticed gets you the most "hits" or positive responses?

  • I definitely have a favorite cologne for men.
    57% (16)44% (8)52% (24)Vote
  • I have noticed some great smelling cologne, but I never know which is which.
    39% (11)56% (10)46% (21)Vote
  • I don't like cologne, I prefer natural body odors.
    4% (1)0% (0)2% (1)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I definitely have some I remember. Like Usher for men. It's such a soft yet sexy smell. I love it. But also just some axe smells great to me. It doesn't have to be an expensive cologne. Any guy that takes pride in good hygiene and smells great is a turn for me.

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What Girls Said 24

  • D&G light blue

  • Oh my goodness Polo . I love all three scents (original, Polo Blue and Polo Black) but the original green is my favorite . Also Very Sexy for men by Victoria's Secret drives me crazy .

  • Idk why but I love axe !!! I love it when my boyfriend wears it !!!! like I said idk why but I do !!!!

  • LACOSTE hands-down is the best smelling cologne out there . I bought a guy friend of mine a bottle of Lacoste before Lacoste was all the rage . And it smelled terrific ! I think it went well with his own body chemistry . And therefore had a pleasing affect . I think a guy should always choose something 'different' and not necessarily popular with the crowds, that way he smells beautifully original . Let's reverse the question: what perfume do guys like on girls ?

    • I love Ralph Lauren's blue musk for women (I don't know the exact name, but it comes in a little short blue bottle) .

  • Swiss Army and Old Spice smell so good to me! There are some others that also smell good, but I don't know what they are called. Just don't wear too much or spray it in public. Too much reminds me of the old days in grade nine when all the boys would spray axe like crazy to kill smells in their lockers or just to smell good when they were dirty from gym.

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What Guys Said 15

  • I don't know about favorite cologne for men . But I do know for myself ;)

    My personal favorites are hugo boss energize, lacoste essential, joop, and curve

  • Old Spice Original Edition :)

    I've had compliments after simply showering with an unscented Dove bar which is either positive - my natural chemistry is good - or negative in that I smell most of the other times. :)

    I think we tend to like fragrances which we associate with good times. To this day my favourite fragrance on my girl is the same perfume she wore on the day I met her... I like her other perfumes as well but that particular one I can smell a mile away and it evokes good memories. Hence take my advice and use Old Spice... she'll equate you with good memories with her child hood when playing with her dad or her grand father. :)

  • Most hits for me: Versache "Blue Jeans" and "Eau Fraiche"

    Versache is fuc*ing awesome.

  • I don't wear colognes because I'm ethylene sensitive which means I can't smell the difference between anything made with ethylene because the ethylene smell overwhelms everything else. It also overwhelms my sense of taste and dries out my mouth and throat just by being near it. All colognes and perfumes are made with ethylene as it's in the alcohol that goes into them.

  • Its different for all women and all men... The way the spray reacts to your own body will be different... Just some words of advice... If using axe or cologne DON'T SPRAY It on YOUR CLOTHES it won't last and it can be to over powering. Spray it on your chest and your wrists... dab some on your neck line... If women can smell it from across the room chances are you have too much on

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