Your favorite cologne for MEN?

I've been told by some women that there are some fragrances that literally turns them on. I don't mean it makes them want to grab strangers and tear their clothes off, but depending on the situation, their reaction could range from simply "intrigued" to actually wanting to jump you (or at least make out with you).

Ladies do you have a favorite cologne for men? Is there a fragrance that really tickles your fancy, at least one that makes you say -- wow he really smells great!?

Or guys do you have a fragrance that you've noticed gets you the most "hits" or positive responses?

  • Vote A I definitely have a favorite cologne for men.
  • Vote B I have noticed some great smelling cologne, but I never know which is which.
  • Vote C I don't like cologne, I prefer natural body odors.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I definitely have some I remember. Like Usher for men. It's such a soft yet sexy smell. I love it. But also just some axe smells great to me. It doesn't have to be an expensive cologne. Any guy that takes pride in good hygiene and smells great is a turn for me.