What is your most embarassing punishment you ever had in your life?

It may be sounds crazy, but do share it...In my case, wen I was in my 11 grade, I peeped into girls room, and so I was made to stand in my underwear for one long day under the sun!...felt embarrassed by the way girls looked at me and laughed at me!:) now it feels good to think about those moments!

No offense meant here! this things are pretty common in my part of the world! and I cannot find anything sick about it!...I just asked this question to have some good laugh and nothing other than else.but after Palaks response I feel sad and confused.


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  • By all means, set me straight on this. Just where in the name of civil rights might you live, that encourages local schools systems to put 17-year-old students on display for public ridicule, adorned in their underwar, as a form of punishment! Just tell me what country you live in, and let's go from there. Where is your part of the world?


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  • Where the f*** do you live?

    • He lives in a place I wouldn't wanna visit......his mind.

  • Mine wasn't embarressing just weird but it was when my dad said I feed my fish to much so he made me sit in the corner and memerize how much to feed my fish.


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  • Are you related to the guy from NJ who obsessively fantasizes about women kicking him in the gonads? If not, look him up. You guys could probably form some kind of a sick club. Take a cold shower, and find a good noggin doctor.