Why do girls wear high heels? WHY!?

I'm not short, I'd say I was average height for someone of my age, maybe even tall for someone of my build (I'm 5'11), but it's so annoying when my already kind of tall girlfriend (5 '9) wears heels like three sometimes four inch heels; she becomes taller than me! Before you all say "blah blah you're insecure", lol, it is normal for us guys to want to be taller and bigger than our girl counterparts, so it's horrible when they wear those bloody stilts! Plus, Girls always complain that it's hard to walk in heels, they have to walk really slow, even when you're in a hurry and they always have to take them off in the end because they hurt so much! AND a lot of them cost a FORTUNE! Why wear them!?

Don't get me wrong guys, I see what they do to the legs, and how they make girls look hot, but that's one pro- there are still far more cons!
Great. My girlfriend's newest pair of heels are SEVEN INCHES LONG! D:


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  • They make our legs look very sexy. For me I am not tall so at 5'4" I feel so much less like a high school student (I am also very slim and petite) and more like a woman wearing heels. I can run in heels, won't wear a pair that is uncomfortable and I don't see much of a downside in wearing them. I have cute flats that can be uncomfortable to walk in. Frankly the only thing that is super comfortable to walk in is tennis shoes and you cannot wear those with a dress or most things fashionable. Once you want to wear heels, the great looks come in 3" plus range. Lower than that and you can have a hard time finding something stylish (i.e., you find mostly things your grandmother would wear with support hose, lol).


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  • Oh, shush. My boyfriend is 5' 11", I'm 6' 1". I wear heels as often as I like. He loves it! Haha, he even told me once, "Don't tell anyone, but I kind of like that you're taller."

    Made me all sorts of happy on the inside. :)

    If your girlfriend is having a hard time walking in heels, she shouldn't be wearing them. One of my biggest pet peeves is when girls who can't walk in heels, wear them. They take practice! And the right kind of heel. I just bought a new pair that probably makes me around 6' 4"-6' 5". They're my new favorite. And I can walk just as fast in those as I can in sneakers. I have heels that are more comfy than my running shoes. It is possible, I promise.

    And you contradicted yourself in your question. "Don't tell me I'm insecure, but I need to feel like I can protect my girl!" I'm sure you're quite capable of protecting your girl. She's still the same girl in heels/flats/sandals/whatever. Whether you want to admit it or not, not being cool with her heels IS insecurity. Be proud she's tall! Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, try this:

    When you guys go out and she (OH NOEZ!) wears heels, see if there are any other guys checking her out. And when you find that they are, look at them and make sure they know that that sexy woman next to you is in fact YOURS, and they may not touch. It makes her feel good, and you'll feel like you're protecting her. Know what I mean? :)

    Once you can get past the idea that you HAVE to be taller, things get much nicer. You can enjoy -her- instead of worrying about her height.

    • I agree with you, I also have hi heels shoes and boots who are more comfy than my running shoes.

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    • ...bodies with illusions like high heeled shoes. You are very quick to assume I am assaulting your power or your pride, or the power or pride of women, when this is false. I do believe women are powerful and special- but I disagree that women should (or even do) feel the need to be physically, unnaturally bigger. It's not naturally tall girls I am questioning, it is the shorter girls who feel the need to be taller than they really are that seems silly to me. Of course I understand it is just...

    • Modern society that has created these unnatural expectations, and it's not the average girls fault. My impression is that you have misinterpreted my question as an offensive one and defensively (and rather rudely I might add) answered me assuming I was questioning women's RIGHT to do something they want. I wasn't. I was only questioning their WANTING to do it. I've had some insightful answers, and to be blunt, yours hasn't really been that insightful. Thanks for trying though.

  • Because they make us look hot.

    That's why.

    • Ok I would liek ti pose a question - would you rather be called hot, ,sexy, steaming, and stuff that's common liek that? Try not being sexy, try being yourself. Becasue whne you are yourself, your beautiful. IT's easy to be someone else, but not to be yourself.

    • You obviously don't know me, because that's the LAST thing you'd pose to me.

      I am me 24/7, being myself is what makes me hot, not 4 inch f***ing heels. Most girls wear heels because they think (and usually) look hot, regardless of whether they're wearing them or not.

      Don't judge who you think I am based off my answer, mmmk?

  • It looks nice with a dress? I love the peep toe pumps that are black with a 3 inch heels. why do we wear them? they look great with skinny jeans or a short skirt and they're sexy.

    • Theres just something about them that compliments the dress/skirt.skinny jeans look. I dk why. I guess its got to do with the whole "look" to it

    • Yeah of course iwbym. I just like wearing them to feel better if I have a crappy day or just with a dress. they look cute together. especially peep toe pumps and black heels go with anything I wear .

  • I wear heels for a number of reasons:-

    I'm short, they make my legs look longer which is atttractive, they make me feel more feminine, they make me look more like my actual age (!), and they make an evening outfit look better...as for girls who wear heels in the daytime with casual clothes, I suppose that's just their style...but if it makes her feel sexy, surely you shoudl approve! xxxxxxx

  • I just like them :)

    I wouldn't wear one's that make me taller than my boyfriend though, that would just feel too weird to me. I have a pair that make me just as tall as him, but that's personally pushing it for me.

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  • Because of a simple truth every girl learned when having her hair brushed out and trying on her first push up bra. It hurts to be beautiful.

  • Next time she wears them, look as her ass. You'll know why.

  • I have to agree with 38rakia38, I'm short but a woman in heels is hot, I guess that's just me.

  • Seven inch heels?! I assume she knows a good chiropractor? :)

  • to me it makes their feet look like hooves... not a big fan of heels id rather have a girl in flip flops any day

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