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What would you say when a guy tells you your cute?

what would a shy girl do when a guy tells you your cute to keep the conversation going that may lead to a relationship or something

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  • the guy I like, told me that, and I like paused for a second out of shock, and then smiled, blushed and looked down...gosh I do the dumbest things when I like a guy...

    • I prefer a girl to respond by saying nothing. Having her say ?thanks? or something along those lines destroys the compliment.

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  • you could write . thank you your cute to , or , awh thanks what do you find so cute about me ; that way the conversation is kept going & also you can find out what he thinks is cute about you .

  • Whether I liked the person or not I'd blush like crazy (I can't take compliments) and avoid throwing it back at them as a way or rejection or anything similar. Saying "thank you" is usually what I do, but I'm usually shocked so badly I can't think. :P

  • for textingg...i would say thank you back or else he'll probablyy ignoree youfor real life but with other people around there...id say thanks but look at him in the eyes with a warminggg look

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