Do guys really fall in love or is it what they say to get in your pants?

Well, Do Guys really fall in love? For Is it more of a " I Know her, I know what she likes and what she does not like, I can stand to be around for a few hours. Her cooking is good" Type of thing?

I mean When you tell a girl You love her, What does that Really Mean.

Like Ex. You are with a girl you knew a few years back, been dating for about 3 months, You have fooled around had sex a few times. She has been a good friend for over a year, You two have a lot in common. She puts up with your welll child ish moments. And even when you mess up or say the wrong thing, or whatever, she can still look you in the eye and tell you your the perfect man for her and she loves you. Would you reply " I love you too"

If so What would that mean to you.

My man sucks at explaining emotions. Like he tries and just hits a word road block. It drives me insane. Like I will ask him what he likes me about and his list is

You're :




Then a 10 minutes of Um's

So is that all I am to him? because when I look at him, Or we kiss or I am near him, I see he is :



has good values






Great kisser


A bit childish

Its an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness, I am Excited and Calm, Its like the world around fades and its only me and him for a second when I look at his face. Its forgetting how breath after a kiss. Its the fact he is the only man in my life I really fall asleep in his arms ( I have faked it before) He is that one piece of your favorite board game that's been missing for years and you finally found it and now you can enjoy that game once again.

Its like It one glance my day goes from pot too wonderful.

And its always been like that since I have known him.

And when he looks at me and tells me he loves me, Something in me wants to say its true. But at the same time, he may just being using me as a stepping stone girl. ( Aka, Using me to get some form of a game and then dumping me for a girl he really likes) But I do n;t see that in his character. Like he is very up front on most things. And he thinks out his actions. Where I am more free... I guess you can say.

I dance in the rain while he would sit inside...

I Decide I want to go swim and I strip down right there, he wants to know two days ahead and start planning

I am the I feel like doing, where he is more of let me think about.

So is his love true, or him just trying to get in my pants
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like He has told me many times he wants to spend a lot of time with me, when my hair is amess and I look horrible he still says I am pretty. He wants to spend every moment he can with me. If I am late ( like really late) he worries.
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well we are still together and no fights yet, and I think he might really love me
Do guys really fall in love or is it what they say to get in your pants?
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