What does it mean when a guy says you're "alright"

this guy I think is cute thinks I'm "alright" what does that mean?! I just met him and I wanna know what he thinks of me..

does it have to do with more of your body or face ...
the thing is we don't really know each other .. so I don't know.
plus our first encounter was kinda awkward cause we were both shy , could that have something to do with it
should I keep trying to get to know him then?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ok,I'm gonna give a more specific answer,if he said:"you're alright" it usually means that you are pretty or good looking but he's not too much interested in you...yet,so it means that for the moment you're just "ok",in my opinion you should try him to get to know you better so he could find you more interesting,remeber this:"alright" is a term we use to say "normal",but in this case it means he could be more interested in you,but not too much with what he has seen for now.So,just try to show him the side of you he might find interesting because the one he has already seen doesn't had the greatest impact on him.My answer...keep trying u'll get what you want but follow my advice,I hope I've been helpful and remember to rate if you like my opinion.