Are hair extensions a turn off? Sorry it's a long question :)

I am a girl, and I have hair a little below my shoulders and a few weeks ago I bought hair extensions that make my hair to about my chest.

All my girl friends and even acquaintances complimented me saying I looked better and hot etc.

But 2 of my exes, and pretty much all of my guy friends said they like my short hair better. Really, I look better with long hair (I think) so is it just the fact that the hair is fake/ someone else's that makes it "weird"?

Also: Most guys said I shouldn't wear them when I asked, and I like guys so should I not wear them so they still like me, or would that be really shallow or something?


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  • Not a turnoff. Guys would not even know that you have hair extensions. If you say people have complemented that you look better, then guys will probably think you look better too. Don't do something like not wearing hair extensions because of others. Only do it if you do not like them. If you feel that you look better with hair extensions, then that confidence you have will exude and guys will like you.


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  • I love long hair, but yes it would be more of a turnoff since it is fake.


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  • Girl I'm right here with you I got some clip weave. its hott. your ex's just don't any other guys thinking so or something. my friend also wear them her hair looks so much thinker and longer.

  • depending on the guy. look if it looks good then wear it. if you ask most guys they are gonna say they want the natural girl who doesn't have anything fake, but at the same time they want that natural girl to be as pretty as possible. well honestly most females need a little "help" and there's nothing wrong with that. that's what they make extensions/makeup/etc. for. as long as it looks like its your real hair, and not tacky or anything just wear it.