What clothes do girls find sexy on a guy?

I'm a guy and I find girls who wear ugg boots with black none patterned tights , with them really short denim shorts, and wearing one of them shirts that show 1 shoulder. with some shades

What clothes do girls like to see on a lad?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Just wear clothes that fit you well. Don't wear the grotesque baggy junk that makes men look like they cannot decide wether to pretend they have no body under there, or they just like the potato sack look. I am seeing less men wearing this stuff, and that is a good thing, but it is still out there. Definately not sexy.

    I do not know how other women feel, but the long jersey type basketball shorts look like coulottes or skirts on guys. I know they like to wear them, but I just can't get past feeling like you are all wearing dresses. Especially when they flap around in the breeze. To me they look more goofy than sexy. That is one fashion norm that I would like to see disappear. If you are going to wear shorts for fashion, please get something that looks like it is made to fit a man's body, not a tree trunk. Not too long, not too short.

    Attractive clothes on a guy fit the male body and accentuate the lines of a man, without being too tight or too loose. Women love a nice butt on a man. If you have a nice bottom, wear clothes that do not hide it. W e are talking about looking sexy here.If you pay attention to good fit, and color, I do not see how you would go wrong.