My hair is very straw like?

I've been growing out my hair for a while, maybe 1 year and a half or even two years. My hair is naturally curly and one of the reasons I started growing it out is because people kept telling me I could never get to go down (They thought it would just go up). Anyways, moving on...

It's not exactly to shoulder length yet, but close. I have a few problems with it. It's extremely thick and I can't control it at all so it does what it pleases.

You can see in the pictures that where it meets my face it starts making separate clumps as if I had dreads.

My hair is also extremely straw like and I don't know what to do. I only comb it when it's wet and keep it in a pony tail/bun until it dries so it doesn't explode and shit. Any options?

I hate the shape as well since it's a bit poofier at the bottom (That'll leave as it grows even longer).

And one of the BIGGEST problems is in the back, how when I lower my head, it shows like a big bump in the back.


My hair is very straw like?

Now that I look at the pictures, my hair looks like a god damn squid


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  • Since you say it feels like straw and its clumpy and poofy, here is what i suggest. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week. This will prevent your hair from drying out. When you DO wash, make sure you condition after you shampoo. This will help silken your curls. When you're done conditioning and out of the shower, moisturize your hair in sections and then detangle with a brush from tip to root. You can do this with coconut oil or argan oil or whatever you choose. Moisturizing before detangling will make it easier to manage and will remove any excess dead built up hair or knots. Lastly, i would advise you to deep condition at least once a week on a day where you don't shampoo. Deep conditioner are also called masks and can be found at most stores where regular shampoo and conditioner are available. This will refresh your curls and keep the moisture locked in. I'm sorry this is a bit long, but hair is no joke and i know a thing or 2 about curls. ;-P

    • Thanks for helping, sometimes I lose faith in this page, but someone usually comes around haha. I wash my hair maybe 2 times a week and, hopefully this isn't gross, but I don't use Shampoo because so many people tell me not to, but maybe I should?
      I use really hot water which I heard makes it worse. The conditioner I use is whatever lies around so maybe I should actually by my own stuff haha.

      For the brushing after my shower, for some reason my hair seems to dry to a point very quickly and then take years after and I feel like it'll get super bad if I try brushing it after my shower, or should I not towel dry it at all and brush it?

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    • As for towel drying, don't do it. Stay AWAY from the towel. After you condition your hair, just squeeze the water out. Once thats done, and this is very important an make a bog difference, add a moisturizer to your hair BEFORE you start detangling. This will work the product in and help with more keeping your hair manageable.

    • Its great idea. After you detangle and add a leave in conditioner or any moisturizers of your choice, you can pul your hair back into a ponytail. This is fine. And I don't mind the long replies, hair is important and needs a lot of details. hahaha :D

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  • I believe they call it a hair brush. probably some conditioner too... you my friend need to keep yours around...


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  • One word for you - conditioner!

    Really thick, heavy conditioner. Something heavy and fine hair couldn't handle, but yours is in desperate need of. Try a mask too - if possible.

    • Should I slob it on there in the shower or should I hold back lol

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    • Great. =)
      Just try those on. They will definitelxy help. Also coconut oil - melt it and put it in your hair and keep it overnight - wrapped in a towel - do this a few times a week and your hair will thank you!

      P. S. I've found that the best conditioners and shampoos for hair regeneration are Fructis, Garnier. (When you are done with the ones you bought - you can check these out. =))

    • Of course haha, I don't want to return these or anything lol. I used to try a sort of oil, but since I never used conditioner and stuff, nothing happened, but I just used some bottled stuff, I'm guessing it's the same thing

  • I totally feel u, I have the same type of hair, conditioner, creams and coconut oil is what works for me. I think the main issue is in the lenght. I had it kinda short for a while and I had the same problem as u, a sort of ball would form at the bottom and it looked weird, so my suggestion, keep it short enough to not allow this, otherwise you'd need it much longer...

    • I want to grow it out a lot longer. Like that length in the picture (Yea, that's sort of my goal for how it looks etc.). Do you think my hair could ever look like that?

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    • Yea, I only used a hairdryer once. I usually dry it while in a pony tail, it takes longer but that way it turns out wavy when it's dry.
      Anyways, thanks for all your help, hopefully my hair cooperates and everything goes well!

    • yeah, it takes longer when u do that. Sometimes I braid it and jeez it takes like a whole day lol curly hair problems xD it's a struggle but it's awesome 😛

      No worries :)

  • Teehehe! (; here's a trick... put some olive oil in your hair after you wash it because you have course thick hair buddy. Its dryed out. C:

  • 1) trim your ends- helps it to look neater, prevents split ends
    2) Use sulphate free shampoo so your hair is not stripped of it's natural oils and follow up with a good conditioner, (one with natural oils like coconut, argan, olive etc)
    3) moisturize your hair - you can use pure coconut oil, or a natural hair cream.


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