What to wear on an interview with Hollister?

So this interview at Hollister is Tuesday and I'm not sure what to wear to wear. I have navy blue long sleeve shirt that says hollister on the left arm but what about this light blue flared jeans that look worn but that's just the look and they have holes in the knees. Also I have black converse. And last, hair up or down?


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  • I work at Hollister. Be as natural as possible, it's better if you wear Hollister but you don't have to. They're big on plaid now so if you have that you could wear it (it doesn't have to be hollister). You don't have to wear navy, grey, or white but if you work they're you'll find yourself wearing it a lot. Natural make-up, don't glob it on, no green eye shadow, no lipstick (gloss is fine). For working they don't mind jeans with holes but for the interview I wouldn't wear them unless you bought them at hollister and the holes still look nice (if it looks like you fell down and put a hole in your pants don't wear them). You don't have to wear anything that says hollister, when I interviewed I wore skinny jeans, uggs, and a white shirt with the hollister logo.

    The interview is really just a chance to gt a good look at you and make sure you don't look like you got hit by a truck. They only interview you to make sure you're attractive (you don't have to be drop dead gorgeous, I don't consider myself drop dead gorgeous, but there really are no completely unattractive people working there) and to make sure that you can speak english and be bubbly and fun. Just be yourself and have fun! Oh yeah, and they'll ask you what you think about diversity (I think they have to because they got sued once) so at the very least make sure you know what it is, every now and then my managers come back and say someone had no idea what diversity was which today is pretty shocking. Good luck!

    • Oh yeah, you won't be able to wear your black converse if you get the job, no black or purple is allowed ever

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    • *brand reps not associates

    • She's right, I work at Abercrombie and Fitch. They technically can hire based on looks because they aren't discriminating against age, race, sex, or sexual orientation.


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  • I suggest you go with hollister style. It doesn't have to say hollister on it or anything. but, here are some tips. Don't wear heavy make-up. don't wear heavy body jewelry. like like rings, eyebrow rigns, nose rings, or hoop ear rings. Don't wear colored skinny jeans, just stick with light blue/dark blue denim. any hollister shirt will do. black converse, will work. but you should preferably wear flip flops or maybe even uggs. don't wear lots of bracelets or necklaces unless they're of the hollister style. you're hair should be really straight, and down. make sure you're really clean, no face blemishes. and smell good, or no smell at all. don't wear glasses. Good luck! =] be really out going. give simple answers. be willing to do anything they tell you.!


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  • Although the "uniform" at Hollister is casual, you should definitely consider doing business casual for the interview. It is still an interview, even though it's only for a retail clothier. Try wearing a nice button-up shirt and some black pants. I would even say flats would be fine as heels wouldn't really be necessary for such an interview. If you go too casual to the interview (jeans and sneakers), they may think you're not serious about the job. Good luck!

  • My cousin worked at a Hollister and this is what she told me: You can only wear flip flops with either red or pink nail polish, hollister clothing obvisouly haha, hair up and apparently your only allowed to say "hello, how are you?" to the customers. So I don't know if that helped. I think the blue shirt with the distressed jeans would be good though