GUYS what do you think about girls with eyebrow piercings?

I know some people think it's trashy, but I don't want a lot on my face. Just eyebrow. I think it will be a good way to express myself. So.what do you think?


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  • if you dig it, I dig it. that's how I feel about all tats and piercings.


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  • Personally, I don't like piercings either.

    It's a personal thing, depends what type of guy you think you would like to go out with.

    Piercing in the ears is fine. Anywhere else is a bit too much for me :P.

  • i think its sexy my older brother does piercings so I'm a big fan of them ,only problem with the eyebrow is the skin can break easy don't worry it won't hurt but you are left with a scar my brother always tells people this before they have it done not a lot of piercers will but he does.if you like it though go for it its sexy or tongue that's sexy too get what you want if its what you like then why not?

  • Personally I don't like piercings. Maybe earrings for a woman but, I wouldn't like more then that. But that's my personal opinion. There are also guys who like their woman with allot of piercings.


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  • If you want it done, get it done. I've said this to a lot of people, if you want something done, do it for yourself, no one else. It shouldn't matter what people think, all that should matter if what you think. I have my eyebrow pierced, and 2 in my lower lip (one labret and a vertical), and I got them done for ME, no one else. Getting piercings and tattoo's because someone else thinks it would look good is a bad reason to do it. If you like it, and you want it, then do it for YOU!

  • i had my eyebrow pierced and it was actually lovely but the only thing is eyebrow piercing as any piercer will tell you can fall out due to the skin breaking which happens a lot it happened mine it didn't hurt when my skin broke and the eyebrow bar fell out and this happened two of my friends as well and the only bad thing is your left with a scar when it does happen as the eyebrow skin isn't thick at all I'm sure the person in the piercing place will be able to explain this better to you

    • Lol that's funny someone disagreed with me when that is an actual fact that it can fall out as it did mine,my mate denises,shaunas and a girl in my school and the piercer told me when I was getting my tongue done that's why my eyebrow bar fell out