Guys wearing shoe lifts, are you ok with that?

All girls seem to go for tall guys, however "tall" as in guys at 180cm and above are a rare in terms of population percentage. I think maybe 20% of guys would be considered tall by western standards. Personally I am 175cm or 5'9, which is average. Recently I did a social experiment by wearing shoe lifts that boosts me to 180cm or 5'11. It is an entirely different experience in terms of female attention and I really enjoy it. The funny thing is, when I lie down with a girl, that extra 5cm makes no difference, but standing up would potentially give me access to more potential opportunities to attract a mate.

Just wondering what girls and guys think about this one? Is it acceptable to wear shoe lifts? If not how come it is acceptable for girls to wear high heels to fake their heights to attract a taller male than they otherwise would be able to get. If I am 175cm, a girl who is 165cm (5'4'') should find me tall enough, but if she wears heels and make herself 172cm (5'6''), she'll prob be thinking about guys who are 182 cm. 6 foot tall guy.

Personally I think as long as we can make ourselves look good when we are out, then that's all that matters, when I take off my shoes girls prob shouldn't get all butt hurt about my height.

I think a lot of guys actually wear shoe lifts these days, but don't want to admit it. the colleagues I work with are usually not that tall, but when there is a work social function that involves suits, every guy is mysteriously taller, and their normal leather shoes have heels anyway. I think they've used lifts because the girls will be wearing heels.
I showed up to a suits social function without lifts and I appeared unusually short with the same group of people I hang out with at work.


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  • A guy I was dating earlier in the year I noticed always wore cuban heeled style cowboy boots when we hpoked up... kind of disguised by boot cut jeans. ... only obvious when we were undressing really. ... not sure but I imagine the heels were 2 inches or so ... and kind of gave him an ego or power boost before we had sex...


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  • if it makes you feel better wearing lifts or as we say in america elevator shoes or heels then you should do it. a. s long as they dont cause you to fall. i myself am 5 foot 9. would not mind being 6 foot


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  • Please, for god's sake, don't try to convert metric to imperial (or imperial to metric for that matter) if you don't know how to convert. 😑
    And not many guys are wearing shoe lifts. Also, shoe lifts are supposed to be subtle, high heels are obvious.

  • I probably wouldn't even notice


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  • If you like wearing heals, maybe you should wear dresses next...

    • how tall you?

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    • don't most leather shoes come with heels? The sole is shaped like heels? 2-3cm thick at least.
      The shoe lifts gives another 3cm within the shoes.

    • I suppose to a very small extent extend, but it's more so a cut out in the middle of the shoe for flexibility. It's not a height thing.