Why do woman tell me cut my hair off?

OK, I work in the beauty industry, and just because I am in my 40's.time to cut my hair. I have long hair just pass my waist. I like it this length because it is very frizzy and I will get helmet head ten times bigger then my body. So with long hair I can braid it. or actually do just about anything. I don't know why woman fall into this automatic must cut your hair off because of age. Unless the style is really chick, it just make you look older. I still do modeling work and I have never been ask to cut my hair for any of my assignments. I don't understand, and this isn't me asking for a opinion , this is people just telling I should cut off.because I am older. I do keep long hair too, because the weight pulls it straight. Also I have a round face, so short hair will make me 50 years older.lol.What do think the reason is with obsession of my hair length.

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  • I think it's just what people expect, I dunno. My mother-in-law is in her 40s also and has hair about the same length as you. She also keeps it braided. In fact, in the 9.5 years I have known her I have NEVER seen it any way BUT braided. I think it looks just fine and honestly I think I would freak out if she went and cut it all off one day. I doubt I would recognize her! My mom is about to turn 59 and I spent years and years and years (literally over a decade) trying to convince her that just because she was getting older didn't mean she couldn't have long hair. She finally listened but it didn't last long. It turns out her hair was thinning a bit and was already so thin and so fine that it was weighed down and just didn't look flattering. But that's actually a GOOD reason to cut it! But at least she tried. And her mom I think was in her 60s when she died and I only remember her having long hair. Not long like yours, but past her shoulders. So actually I am used to seeing more older women with long hair than short.

    I kinda wonder why so many older women cut it short and also why so many curl it. I'm wondering if it's something having to do with grey hair. I know gray hairs tend to be much coarser than your regular hairs, so maybe keeping it short and curled is the easiest way to manage your hair once you are mostly/fully gray? Women in my family tend to gray late. My grandma that I spoke of above was probably 50% gray at the most. My mom doesn't even really have enough gray to have "streaks" or "chunks" or gray. So maybe this is why they don't feel the need to chop it all off and start with the cliched curlers, lol.