Girls, Thong and G-String survey! Girls ONLY?

How old were you when you started wearing thongs?

Why did you start wearing them? (comfort, sexy, no panty line, etc)

Where did you buy your first thong from?

What did it look like?

How long did it take you to "stop noticing" the string in your butt

How old are you now?

How often do you wear a thong?

Are you currently wearing a thong?

If no, what kind of underwear are you wearing/If yes, describe it?

What would you say is your favorite thong you own?

What's your favorite brand of thongs/other underwear?


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What Girls Said 3

  • I've never worn thongs, I like the cheeksters from Victoria's Secret though! I think I started wearing those around freshman year of high school

  • were them daily. most are real comfy dont notice the string after a few times wearing gstrings.
    i only dont exercise in a gstring i wear cheekies or boylegs. and have cheap cheekies for that time of the month

  • I was 14. I wore them mainly cause I didn't want a panty line when I wore leggiglngs, but they where really comfy, so I wear them like everyday now. I acutely got my first thong from my cousin, but then I asked my mom for some, and she got some for me for Christmas, she bought them from Victoria Secret. I don't exactly know how to explain what it looked like. It didn't take me that long to stop noticing the string in my butt. I am now 14. I wear a thong everyday. I love anything Victoria Secret.