Why do girls shake their hands when they cry?

random question but I was just wondering...

at first I thought it was to dry her eyes but it definitely wasn't that

i appreciate you looking at this very very unimportant question thanks anyways

OK correction not ALL girls do this


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  • Like shake their hands in front of their face? Like fanning their eyes? I have no idea, hahaha. I've never done that.

    Maybe if she's wearing makeup. Watery eyes and non waterproof makeup don't mix well. Makeup will run into the eyes and sting, and eventually run down the girl's face. Fanning soothes the burn a little bit. Or maybe she's just trying to do something else with her hands to stop herself from hitting something, haha, who knows.

    I don't even know if I've ever seen anyone do that outside of movies. Except maybe super prissy high maintenance girls. =/ But I don't spend much time around people like that.


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  • well a girls face can get red sometimes and they don't want all theese people seeing them like that so they fan their face to keep cool and so their face doesn't get so red also lots of girls do it on movies and such so it is just one of those things people think is nessassry and not all girls do this only the ones that think they are cool or wear makeup lol hope this helped more than the other answers lol

  • I'm not sure I fully understand your question.

    I know that when I cry, I use my hands to wipe away my tears. But if a girls' hands are shaking, that could mean she is truly upset and so worked up that her whole body is trembling, hence why you see her hands shaking.

    Good luck.


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  • They shake their hands when they cry? Are you sure ALL girls ALWAYS do this?