Why do people pierce their lips/nose/eyebrows?

It's not like it makes you look more attractive

they're very irritating. Having pieces of metal protruding from the face...what's the point? certainly not for appearance purposes.

And what the hell are gauges about? pharaohs used to wear them 5000 years ago and they weren't attractive then...why bring it back?


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  • well I have to say I agree with you, to me it does seem to be a bit of a turn-off but to each his own

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  • hater

  • Agreed, ears are OK, everything else is ugly.

  • Well they aren't doing it for youuu. I find them unattractive too though, but people do it cos they dig it. My girlfriend has a nose piercing. Or she did, lol, fukken schooool. Although, its cool you know the origions of guages, haha, you must have some education up your arse. What are gages, though?

  • I don't have any piercings of any kind but here's my comment: just because you don't like it doesn't mean it is not good. You see, you are trying to pin your point of view on others...let them be...let them express themselves any which way they want and accept them for who they are rather than trying to get them to fit your mold, cookie cutter them into the same homogeneous bullsh*t like a religious nut...you understand what I'm saying? I'm not saying you need to agree with it but it's not fair for you to expect them not to do it just because you think it is not attractive...u dig?

  • listen to khmco, I find if a girl's got maybe a small lip ring, or a small nose ring, she's usually cuter.

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  • I happen to find it very sexy when a guy has his lip or cartilage pierced.

  • HAHAHAHA "omg piercings are so 5000 years ago!"

    people do it because they like it and some people think it's cute.

    if you hate it, just think of it as a way to weed out people you don't wanna date I guess.

    • Lol yea I know its what I do :)

  • Piercings, for some people, is just another way of self-expression, sort of going along with tattoos. Others, however, may do find that getting a part of them pierced will enhance their looks. For me, I have no piercings anywhere, other than my ears, which are ironically stretched, so I cannot speak for the people that do have many piercings on the face or other area's, that is just my understanding.

    My friend has his eyebrow pierced, just because he believed it would look good on him, and it does indeed. In fact, I thought it made him more attractive, but some people just cannot get into that style, and I understand, the guy I'm with is the same way.

    Every form of body modification goes back in time, not just gauges as you mentioned. Normal lobe piercings were mentioned in the Bible, for each time your lobes were pierced it was how many slaves you owned. Tattoo's are very old as well. Yes their are some piercings that are fairly new, like mirco dermals, but for the most part, all them are old.

    Oh and since I'm on it, lobe stretching never really went "out" so they can't come back "in" but now instead of being used in tribes like they were, they are not being used for fashion (like other piercings) or sexual purposes. However, some tribes still use it today, just not nearly as common.

  • Although you might not find it attractive, others do. Its a way of expressing yourself, just like your hairstyle and clothes.

  • You only determine what is attractive for yourself,not for everyone else.You aren't the voice of the world

    I had a nose piercing,I got it because I wanted it,not because of other people's opinions or what society thinks.Unless you like them you just won't understand,but no one has to explain themselves to you either.

    • Geez calm the hell down. My question was asking for the reasons why people do it

    • I am calm and I answered.Unless you like them you just won't understand

    • Yea I won't understand

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