What color eyes do guys prefer?

I was just wondering if the majority of guys liked a certain color of eyes. If so, why do you like that color?

  • Vote A Blue/grey
  • Vote B Green
  • Vote C Hazel
  • Vote D Brown
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  • This is funny because I really don't care what color eyes a girl has. Some times it is noticeable and sexy, especially brunettes that have blue eyes, but I really don't notice.

    I think that is more of a girl thing because I know a lot of girls notice that I have green eyes before I even talk to them.

    I'll say blue/grey though becaue you really can't go wrong with them.

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      That is so true, a girl with blue eyes, and brunette, is so pretty.

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      Ohh yes! Blue eyes, brown hair - it's all good for me ;)

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      Oh cool! I'm a brunette with blue eyes!!!!! yay!