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What color eyes do guys prefer?

I was just wondering if the majority of guys liked a certain color of eyes. If so, why do you like that color?

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  • This is funny because I really don't care what color eyes a girl has. Some times it is noticeable and sexy, especially brunettes that have blue eyes, but I really don't notice.

    I think that is more of a girl thing because I know a lot of girls notice that I have green eyes before I even talk to them.

    I'll say blue/grey though becaue you really can't go wrong with them.

    • That is so true, a girl with blue eyes, and brunette, is so pretty.

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    • Ohh yes! Blue eyes, brown hair - it's all good for me ;)

    • Oh cool! I'm a brunette with blue eyes!!!!! yay!

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  • It differs, depending on the shape of her face, her skin tone, and her hair. I don't have a preference, it's just about how everything looks put together.

  • I personally like hazel and/or brown. So, I guess that means dark eye colors.

  • I like the eye color of the girl that I used to like but I can't remember what her eye color is and I guess I only really like it because I liked that girl.

  • There is not perfect eye color. If it looks sexy on her it just does.

  • Grey eyes rock because whenever the girl is happy the shine in her eyes is WAY more noticeable

    • Hey, that is cool. My eyes are a bluish grey and I always thought my eyes were boring and not very unique. When I see a girl with blue eyes, I am always jealous. My eyes seem sooo blaaahhh!! lol.

  • My opinion changes depending on the girl I'm dating or interested in at the time.

  • look I like evry single color there is, but I would prefer light colors like hazel, you kno.i agree with GruffBalloon

  • you can't tell because everyonr have a different perspective for the colour , if you ask me I like her eyes are clear whatever the colour gonna be .

  • My girlfriend's eyes are blue, so I am attracted to that I guess! I also like green eyes on a girl. However, I had a really beautiful girlfriend with brown eyes too, so I guess it probably depends how they look on the person!

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