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Wear underwear with yoga pants?

Or do you wear thongs?

Guys, do you notice girls' panty lines when they wear yoga pants?

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  • I wear underwear with yoga pants. Lines and folds and seams are a part of wearing clothes, so I don't see the big deal about panty lines.

What Guys Said 9

  • Yes we can notice. Duh! It's tight against your ass. Thongs show up less but we can still tell that you are wearing them. Regular underwear shows its lines like where it ends at and major creases etc...

  • I think they wear thongs

  • Yes often and thong/g-string should be used... if dislike then don't wear them at all!

  • ya us guys do notice the lines. I know my girlfriend wears thongs under them, try that

  • Yeah, it's pretty obvious. Then again, it's probably worse if your thong lines are visible, which I've seen on occasion.

    • why is it bad if you can see her panty line?

    • Not bad for me. I'd imagine the girl would consider it bad though, right?

  • OMG my best friend wears yoga pants. So soft... :-P~~~

  • Yeah, I notice pantylines if a girl is wearing yoga pants, and it isn't attractive. But if a girl is in yoga pants with a great ass and no pantylines? That's unbeliveably hot! I've never gotten a full blown erection from it, but I've definitely felt myself getting longer. Probably not what the girl intended, but there it is! Hahaha!

  • i hope this dosnt offend any of you ladies,that is not my intention.with that said,i personally find visible panty(granny full) lines,a complete turn off.this is from a guy that LOVES yoga pants on women.when a women wears granny panties it says "inmature and completely lacking in confidence".even if you wear a thong,boy shorts,sheer panties or even better none,to me that says "im sexy and I know it!".there is nothing sexier than a confident women.just my $.02

  • NEVER wear underwear with yoga pants. I know this sounds perverted, but guys LOVE to see girls sexy butts under those pants. And the hottest thing is when you stretch on the floor and they can see the outline of your vagina. Next time your near a dude, do a split and then casually touch your perfect pink through the yoga pants. The guy will get rock hard right there guaranteed. You're welcome

What Girls Said 18

  • No I don't wear any underwear with yoga pants.

  • i wear thongs under mines because they are skin tight and I don't want panty lines plus they are really sheer so wear thongs under them

  • yeah definitely thong. I do not like those awful panty lines. esp with yoga pants. That would be embaressing for me.

  • thongs or nothing

    • NOTHING?

    • yes, nothing, lol.. notice the question was only about yoga pants.. they're form fitting and comfortable enough to wear without anything underneath :)

  • I wear like the seamless thongs or no underwear

  • I never wear underwear with my yoga pants, but I'm doing yoga in my yoga pants, and they get washed every time I use them, so there's no need to dirty a pair of underwear for a workout.

  • I never wear anything under my yoga pants, I don't care about the pantylines but I do love the free feeling I get from wearing just the pants. I buy my pants at Mesa Yoga Apparel and Studio which carry a very light weight and sheer material made up of a combination of fabrics they manufacture. It actually feels like your not wearing anything and there is no tension in the material expansion during positions. They carry form fitting and loose fit baggy crotch types. I love both. I have been told by many people during and after classes that were behind me that both types of pants become very see through during stretches and that I should wear underwear because they can see everything as if I wasn't wearing anything at all. I don't care and kind of enjoy the attention. I enjoy watching the guys jockeying for positions behind me before class starts and the owner has told me that the amount of men attending classes have increased since I've been coming there. I told them they should have a coed nude class.

  • I only wear athletic thongs when I got my yoga pants on. :P

  • I do!I wear boyshorts or a thong...but boyshorts are more comfy..:)

  • to me wearing no underwear is just uncomfortable, So I wear boy shorts and I have no vpl

  • I don't wear thongs period. THey look uncomfoatble. ANd I don't wear yoga pants either.

  • i wear a thong with them sometimes

    or just regular pantie and screw the panty lines. if guys don't like them, then they shouldn't be staring at my ass in the first place

  • i wear underwear with them

  • Thongs or that special underwear from Victoria's Secret meant for yoga pants so you can't see the lines.

  • NO unless you wan underwear lines

  • I wear underwear. I don't really care if you can see the panty line.

  • i wear sheer underwear not a fan of thongs

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