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If a girl randomly kisses a guy on his cheek?

Guys, if a girl randomly kissed you on your cheek, would you like it or not? What would your reaction be? Does she have to be an acquaintance,... Show More

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  • If the girl is cute I wouldn't mind at all. Of course if I don't know her very well I would think she has a crush on me, and then there are 2 possibilities: 1. I like her - I flirt with her and ask her out 2. She doesn't attract me at all - I try to avoid her to avoid other situations of this kind.

What Guys Said 13

  • If she was attractive I would like it. If she wasn't I wouldn't like it one bit, however if she was a friend I would try to mask how repulsed I was feeling as much as possible.

  • Well, assuming I'm not either in a bad mood or in deep thought, such a kiss would be well received, although if the girl was a friend of mine I might very well (mis?)interpret it as being just a friendly gesture.

    Yeah, I think it would be okay from an attractive stranger and it would create some interest/curiosity.

  • As long as she was pretty, it would be just fine with me.

  • I wouldn't like it unless maybe it was my girlfriend

  • if she is pretty, cute, hot, or attractive in anyway...

  • Depends on what kind of guy it is, and what kind of kiss it is. If it's like a double tap and hug kiss, Latin style, then he might not care.

    This actually happened to me once. A girl who's interested in me works at a local hangout. She'd been flirting with me the whole evening, but I didn't respond too much, I was just looking to spend some time with my friends. At the end she planted a kiss on my cheek from behind, while I was sitting and chatting with a mate of mine. It really turned me off, though. I'm sort of flattered, but a kiss for no reason is kind of creepy.

    Hoooowever, I'm really, really not the touchy feely kind of guy, I don't ever kiss a girl unless it's going somewhere, so someone using it as a sort of icebreaker would naturally seem 'off' to me personally. I don't know what kind of guy your target is, but if he's typically guyish in the samy way I am, it might freak him out.

  • If she's cute I don't give a damn if she was wearing a mascot costume or who she was she could kiss me anytime

  • i'd like it and I'd smile and blush and maybe kiss her back if she let me. at the end of the day as long as I know her and she is comfortable with kissing me it's fine :) it's all just friendly, but I would never do more than kiss her on the cheek, and if she tried more than kissing me on the cheek I would get up say sorry and walk away.

  • conceited girl -__-

  • i wouldn't mind at all

  • i would kick her in the balls

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but she doesn't have any, unless you mean a cross-dresser.

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    • Perhaps they do in Spain.

    • The only girls who have balls are the ones who think girls have balls.

  • fine with it if I had flirted with her in the past or she was definitly attractive.

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  • Totally relates to me and my boyfriend on our second date. We didn't kiss on the first date, but on the second date, when there was a silent break and he was leaned back, I reached out and kissed him on the cheek. He was surprised, but he smiled and kissed me back. After a while our lips touched. It's been five months. :)

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