If a guy calls you beautiful?

If a guy calls you "beautiful" is that his way of hitting on you/ flirting with you?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ive seen two sides of this

    Im really shy so when I call someone beautiful I mean it and yes its flirting..

    But my friend has like 6 girls on him on a daily basis and he dose it just because he always dose.. To him the word has no meaning...

    Ask yourself this

    dose the guy say it to everyone? It not he's flirting...

    Is her nervous when he says it.. Or only says it in text? Then he's not sure how you'll react.. And flirting... get him to open up in public

    If you like the guy then give him a compliment back.. If he flinches then he shy and likes you.. If he's smooth then well he may be flirting or my be playing...