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How do you get cuts to stop burning?

i cut myself with a razor blade and it burns bad how do I get it to quit I don't have any alcohol and I tryed hydrogyn perorxside and didn't help... Show More

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  • Could you use an electric razor?

    • im not shaving I guess you could call me "emo" but I don't like labels :)

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    • : /

    • im prob not gona do it agn

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  • Those would both make your cut burn. Put a piece of tissue or TP on the cut till it scabs over.

    • thats what I'm doin

What Girls Said 6

  • One word: Polysporin. The thing works miracles :)

    • uuhhhh big word?

    • It's a brand

    • otay

  • Wash them very gently and let them get air

  • Just put some neosporin on it and then put a band aid on it. The neosporin will also help with preventing infection.

  • water

  • ice

  • I did that once by accident shaving, I soaked it in warm water & then wrapped a cloth around it because it was bleeding grusomely. Keep the cloth wrapped around it & against it firmly, do not remove it unless you have to wash it with anti-bacterial soap. Boy do I sound like a doctor ^_^

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