What does it mean to look innocent?

Recently a guy told me I look innocent I don't really understand what that means...I have actually been told that on a number of occasions, another guy also told me I look innocent but he thinks its an act. I don't get why people keep saying I look innocent. what exactly does that mean?


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  • usually innocent looking people have either baby faces, wide set eyes, chubby cheeks, dimples, smile a lot, don't wear a lot of makeup, come across nonthreatening warm and friendly

    IDK if you watch Real World Las Vegas but the blond girl, Heather looks innocent.


    people tell me I'm innocent looking but I'm really not lmao. I have evaded so much trouble and suspicion because people are so easily fooled by my innocent looks and charm


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  • I guess that it means girlie in a way. There's not really a way to describe it, you just know it. It also means they want to put their penises in your mouth.

    • lol, okay then...that was not what I was expecting...I was thinking maybe it meant naive or something...how do you know it? is it something about my face?

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    • Being a crybaby is also a trait of SOME innocent looking people. Having short fluffy hair ( so several guys said) looks innocent and like I woke up. I also tend to fantasize and dream a lot. I just cut my hair and its naturally curly/fluffy so I looking like a five year old. Especially wearing jeans and an oversized white shirt. And besides the fact that I'm 4'9.5 since 6th grade and I'm going to 9th.
      My hair is short and fluffy and now people absolutely refuse to cuss near me, or if they think I'm in the room.
      I'm normally shy about trying new things. Today my neighbor, who is two grades below , offered a piggy back ride. I have been offered so many times I lost count but I really want it. So I said okay. I had to ask a friend how to get on even. I'm not skinny nor chubby but in the gray. People literally have told me with honest faces that they think I weigh sixty lbs. at the time I weigh in about 100.
      Not only that but I'm always offering hugs and kisses, and cry if you are sad.

    • And the fact that I let people boss me around sometimes. I'm always smiling, unless it's something super sad, unless I'm smiling to try and cheer up a person. When I'm fully awake, which is never, so 60% awake, I am always excited. I also tend to have breakdowns if something is really upsetting me and a lot of people near me find it like a game (?) to cheer me up. I have told even strangers that I love them and they smile. I also get scared easily and people find it cute (?) when I scream. I hate all bugs (except rolly pollys, I think they are called pill bugs.). And I dislike most reptilians.
      My friend actually made me this list, she found this website. She said," you're so innocent, I though you might know."
      Do I?
      I have no idea but it's late and I want to sleep. Tommorrow I need to go to a friends and ask them to play outside. This post is a reminder to go at 2:00Pm and to also hug her brothers.
      I have no memory whatsoever.

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  • I think it has something to do with how you hold yourself and how your face looks. I get the same comment because I'm just cute and chill, not slutty at all. might be somethig about having really feminine facial features. As for the eyes, I know a girl who asks people to look into her eyes and then she says whether they are a virgin or not. She's scary accurate too, it's so pervy and weird sometimes... *-*

  • You probably don't have any visible tatoos. That's usually a good thing. Maybe nothing visibly pierced except the earlobes. The way you wear your hair, clothes, makeup. Could be LOTS of things. It's not a bad thing to be told you look innocent. I was told the same thing when I was your age and though it was largely true, it turned out to not be so true as I gained life experience. Enjoy that innocent look while you have it, honey. It doesn't mean you'll be dateless or boyfriend-less. Unless that's what you want...

    And the guy who told you that he thinks it's an act, wants to sleep with you. Wave your freak flag if you want!

  • Honey, looking innocent is a good thing. For all the reasons your responders said. It's your pretty looks and body language. Nothing to be ashamed or embarassed about. Embrace it babe!

    You'll probably look like this most of your life because of great DNA.

  • Could mean you look sexually innocent or you just seem like you're the innocent type. I get that a lot to for some reason

    • OMG I don't understand how its even possible they can tell.. have you ever ask why they say that...its kind of starting to bother me...I hate being transparent...

    • Well... Ya it has to do with my face I think.. But it's so deceiving to people who don't know me because I'm no where near innocent. I think my white("pure") skin plays a role in it to. I think it's all about your looks

    • This keeps happening to me to and I'm really gettin bothered by it.

  • Well I would say that they just think u are just the silent type and u don't attempt to do bad things...

  • little kid, young

  • i have gotten that comment before too. everybody seems to know that I'm a virgin and that I have pretty much no experience with sex, drinking or drugs, so I guess that's what they mean, like they can tell I don't do that stuff

    • OMG I don't understand how its even possible they can tell...

    • i honestly have no idea how they can tell, I wonder that too