Is saying Jew-fro racist?

personally I don't think it is. because obviously saying "afro" is referring to African American people. my friends and I had discussions about this topic and teachers say its racist and students think its not. I say if we can't say jewfro we also can't say afro. people say an afro is a hairstyle and a jewfro is a racial slur. yet they are both hairstyles and they both are not used as a racist comment. technically I guess they could be used racist but they are the same either way (you could say look at that nappy afro or look at that curly jewfro) so what does everybody else think about this subject? me being an African American and having Jewish friends and have dated Jewish guys, it feels normal. nobody (except for adults) has a problem with it, hair is hair. its kinda annoying me because I really don't think its racist. its a hairstyle just like an afro end of story. lol


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  • It's just politically correct bullsh*t. Ignore it. Unless you're actually being purposefully offensive it really shouldn't matter.


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  • These days, everything you do or say have racistial intentions ;-) Sad word we are living in today...

  • lol People say that to me all the time. It sounds so stupid. I don't understand why they don't just say fro or afro. Also it can't be racist because Jews aren't a race. lol

    • Yeah because Afro refers to African American people (obviously). So why can't we say Jewfro in a non racist way? Lol

    • It does? I just have always known the hairstyle to be called fro or afro, not jewfro.

    • yup afo=african American

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