Are light colored eyes considered more attractive in America?

every TV show I watch, most of the actors have light eyes, blue green or grey. Its so rare I see a brown eyed actor. I'm kind of sick of it like watching so many TV shows I'm like turned off by light eyes now lol. Do you agree? do actors get more attention because they have light eyes in America?


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  • Don't know about actors and I don't live in America but while I am attracted to green eyes. Here are some well known girls that are exceptionally beautiful and have brown eyes.




    Vanessa Hudgens

    Keira Knightley

    Hale Berry

    and who can forget Jessica Alba

    still looks like a kid too me but she is becoming a beautiful girl


    also think the girl that plays hermoine has brown eyes though I never remember her name.

    Those are what I can think of, but I am sure there are many more. and I don't think that actors/actresses get work because of their eye color.


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  • Don't use actors as 'what everyone likes'. Actors are also 'what works on tv'.

    I'm told that if you see a bunch of television actors, they all look similar - specifically, they tend to be short with big heads. That works well on camera. In real life, I'm not sure, for example, that short men with big heads clean up.

  • well I'm not tired of seeing this. but ( I'm very attracted to lighter Eyes. ) if you take this into consideration everyone has their attractions to whatever they're attracted to and to whom.

    its no different then the " racial " epidemic thing that some try to say we had a problem with racial groups being displayed on TV. but reality is this. PPL tend to forget just because its on TV doesn't mean that is HOW I LIVE MY LIFE OR THAT IS HOW " REAL " LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE!

    TV is Just that - ENTERTAINMENT no MORE. thank god for the internet. the internet is IMO- Reality not falseness. to a certain degree. like if someone lies to people on social site then its A LIE . but the fact remains there are a large number of people on the internet that reveal themselves ALL THE TIME . just look at those so-called Adult Sites that Promote Girlfriends PICTURES & VIDEOS that're supposed " STOLEN ". PPL put their business out there all the time. so its there on downfall when it comes back to bite 'em in the ass. so apply all this to what you feel you can take from this. O-k.

    p.s.>> in America Lighter has always been synonymous with More ATTRACTIVE . ( lighter skinned people, Lighter Eyes, Lighter Hair, etc,etc ).

  • I don't really notice eye color that much on tv, but I do favor light eyes over dark eyes

  • That's what happens to people who don't get out much and watch TV all day. You are gonna be only attracted to white guys with light color eyes.

    • Eye color does play a huge role. TV is so superficial so having blue eyes is a plus

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  • I don't think light colored eyes are necessarily considered attractive. Dark colored eyes, such as brown, are prevalent. Lighter colored eyes are harder to come by which makes an actor a rare commodity to have the full package. If it turns you off by seeing it so much, watch Asian TV shows. I assure you, there are much more brown eyed people in them.

    • lol I don't understand Asian languages

  • I don't think so. Lots of actors do have light colored eyes, but some don't. It matters more on how well they can act and look. Its the overall look that counts the most though.

  • i have never really noticed that. but I don't think people are famous just for the color of their eyes.

  • Maybe, I guess some people prefer them more.

    The only 2 actors I've noticed have brown eyes:

    Shia LeBouf

    Natalie Portman

    • same! 9/10 actors have blueish grey eyes

    • irk?! I don't get it, I guess it's because they're more common

  • I honestly have never noticed the eye colors of actors before. I wouldn't say that certain eye colors are more attractive in America. Are the people you are referring to generally women? It may be because Hollywood (and America now) are used to seeing the platinum blond girls on the beach. Even those most of these girls actually dye their hair, a lot of them are natural blondes, so their eyes will be lighter. But take the Kardashians for example, they all have dark eyes, and they have their own show.

    But to answer your question, certain eye colors are not focused on here. If anything, we view beauty and what we find attractive in terms of hair color and whether or not it "fits you."

  • No I don't think so. it's not about the eye color, it's about a person's overall face

    • i know, its just so odd though that 9/10 actors have greyish blue eyes like I'm kinda sick of it? lol

    • maybe it's just the TV alternating the colors a little biit

    • uh, no lol