Can my employer make me take out my nose ring? Why can't I just cover it?

I have orientation for a new job on Monday

when I was hired the lady told me I have to take out my nose ring I asked her if I could just cover it up and she said no she said you have to take it out and no invisible studs either.

Why can't I just cover it with a band aid or make up ?

I mean it's not like she can make me take the band aid/make up off so she can see I still have it ?

i used to cover it at my previous job also

i'm not asking if you think I should have it or not I'm asking if I choose to cover it, how can she prove that I have a nose ring under there or not ?

she can't make me uncover it or prove that I have a nose ring under there
i don't care what anyone thinks about how I sound or who I am over a nose ring.

I offered to cover it up to me if it's covered, it's covered what's the difference if it's physically in my skin or not, you can't tell the difference.

i'm very experienced and a hard worker and I don't think she has a right to tell me I have to take something out, people with tattoo's are allowed to simply cover them, what's the difference


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  • No but she can fire you. You have to assess which is more important, the job or the nose ring? I'd go with the latter, don't abase yourself for a job, that's soul destroying. If she brings it up again, say to her 'If I take it out it'll close over - this is what I want to look like, and I don't feel that this job is worth it changing myself for. I'll accept the repercussions if you must treat me that way.'

    • Oh yeah, you can sneak like f*** around it too, if that's what your asking, they can't force you to prove it. But she'll know in her heart and make life HELL for you for your defiance.

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    • No, I agree with you. I even contest the notion of policy, I'm consistently disgusted with all aspects of employment.

    • Thanks for BA!

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  • Is this nose ring really worth all that trouble? I mean REALLY?

    • I know right? lol

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    • it will take what 5 seconds to take it out? most people are happy getting a job these days, and you are concerned over a nose ring?

    • Well, I never had one so I wouldn't know how much something like that would mean on a personal level. But thinking rationally, it's really a situation where you are better off letting it go. It's a detriment to your future.

  • I agreee totally! Sonic Drive-In made my best friend take hers out N it cost her a $30 Marilyn Monroe peircing. I don't think they SHOULD have the right, but it seems that they do. N I don't think it's right for people to criticize you on here for having it either. It's your body, N you didn't ask for an opion about that. It's no one's business but yours what you have pierced!

    • thank you, I agree of course lol

      yeah I wasn't asking what they thought about the peircings I wanted to know if I should try covering it or not

  • hmm. This is difficult to say without sounding patronising but I will try. When you work for a company your image represents them. This is why in the corporate world you have to wear suits and be well groomed .etc, I hear in the korean army your superviser checks your face every morning to make sure you shaved. The point Iam trying to make is; as an employee your employer decides what you wear and how you are to be presented to customers.

    I understand where your coming from. I have my eyebrow pierced. At work I am my employees pawn. outside work I slip it it back in and Iam myself again. We all gotta get paid right?

    • lol yeah I understand and I've always covered mine at work because I understand that your image reflects the company.

      I just wanted to cover it with makeup not take it out, people with tattoo's get that option

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    • at my previous job they let people with tattoo's cover them also

      they say all piericings and tattoos must be covered, I just didn't understand why more places won't give this option also

    • Because you can see a band aid on your face, under your nose, and putting make up on it really won't hide it. This is very different that covering up a tatoo on your arm. A nose ring is very different.

  • They're fully within their rights to ask you to remove the nose ring especially if you will be coming into contact with their clients. The fact of the matter is that during business hours you represent them and your image reflects upon theirs. If you wear long sleeves/a suit nobody can tell you have a tattoo, but if you slap a band aid on or makeup on it's still possible for people to see that you have a nose ring due to the fact that no matter how tiny it is it will protrude out. Now depending who the client base is they may be able to notice this and your employer simply does not want that image out there. It's about looking professional while representing the company.

    Understand that no matter your views on the matter they still want their image represented in a certain way. As long as that way is not discriminatory they are well within their rights to ask that of you should you take the job. Remember perception is reality as far as most people are concerned, odds are your clients are no different. Due to that, many employers will tend to err on the side of appearing safer especially with how their employees look while representing them. This will range from banks to doctors offices to UPS to food services to IT. Each employer will independently choose as per how far to go with dress code but they'll all have some sort of clauses in the contract about how you appear while you're on the clock. They are perfectly within their rights so long as its not discriminatory and as such there's nothing you can do but choose to either work there and abide by dress code or decide that the job is not for you which you are well within your rights to do. I mean even look at sports teams, some of them have this, an example being the Yankees. Their players sign the contract and its said you need to be clean shaven, always have a short hair cut (no dreads etc), don't show tattoos and these are guys signing up for millions often at the top of their game but the Yankees say you represent us on the field and off so they even add in off field rules to the contract.

    Also depending on what it is they expect you to do they can call it a possible hazard to your safety and ask it removed.

  • It's pretty standard procedure in many places of employment, especially where employees will come in contact with patrons. It is believed that it creates a more professional image. It's perfectly legal, and I would wager a guess that you signed a paper saying you would abide by their appearance standards.

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  • band aids look unprofessional and tacky. people can probably still see it with makeup. but if they can't see it what they don't know won't hurt em. why not just take it out? is it really that serious?

  • I think it's ridiculous. I wish people could could wear piercings, show off their tattoos, and have crazy colored hair at work if they like. Sadly that is not always the case. Sometimes they have an "image" to obtain. I think she would know what you were hiding underneath that band aid. If you want the job then you will have to take it out, sadly.

    • can't believe you got so many thumbs down

    • Lol yep.

  • Its company policy- visible piercings/tattoos, etc. They have rules they have to follow, they're just obeying them.

    Personally, I think a band-aid would be MUCH more obvious than a stud. I used to have to take my nose stud out when corporate came into the clothing store I worked in.

  • yeah some jobs require peeps to dress a certain way unfortunately or find a job where they let you wear them.

  • Bottom line: if you want the job, take the nose ring out for work. If you don't want to work there because you don't like their policy, go elsewhere. They can make their own policies. They told you at hiring.

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