Can my employer make me take out my nose ring? Why can't I just cover it?

I have orientation for a new job on Monday

when I was hired the lady told me I have to take out my nose ring I asked her if I could just cover it up and she said no she said you have to take it out and no invisible studs either.

Why can't I just cover it with a band aid or make up ?

I mean it's not like she can make me take the band aid/make up off so she can see I still have it ?

i used to cover it at my previous job also

i'm not asking if you think I should have it or not I'm asking if I choose to cover it, how can she prove that I have a nose ring under there or not ?

she can't make me uncover it or prove that I have a nose ring under there
i don't care what anyone thinks about how I sound or who I am over a nose ring.

I offered to cover it up to me if it's covered, it's covered what's the difference if it's physically in my skin or not, you can't tell the difference.

i'm very experienced and a hard worker and I don't think she has a right to tell me I have to take something out, people with tattoo's are allowed to simply cover them, what's the difference


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  • No but she can fire you. You have to assess which is more important, the job or the nose ring? I'd go with the latter, don't abase yourself for a job, that's soul destroying. If she brings it up again, say to her 'If I take it out it'll close over - this is what I want to look like, and I don't feel that this job is worth it changing myself for. I'll accept the repercussions if you must treat me that way.'

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      Oh yeah, you can sneak like f*** around it too, if that's what your asking, they can't force you to prove it. But she'll know in her heart and make life HELL for you for your defiance.

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      No, I agree with you. I even contest the notion of policy, I'm consistently disgusted with all aspects of employment.

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      Thanks for BA!