Thick legs

I have thick legs because I'm a runner, but a lot of people (both girls and guys) make fun of my legs for being so thick. I'm very skinny everywhere else but my legs are a bit unproportionally thick.(think Beyonce with a skinnier torso). Do guys generally find that unattractive?


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  • I've been known to be quite superficial, but the answer (I will speak for ALL guys) is NO.

    Seriously, I'm not saying this to make you feel better, it's just a knee jerk reaction, guys know what I'm talking about.

    Girl = runner = fit = hot. This is how guys think. We also think about your emotional side too.

    And for all the people that make fun of you, think about why they do it? They see it as a way to bring your status down while simultaneously lifting theirs. So basically they know you're a person of value, they're just hating to bring you down a peg, cos they're jealous.

    Hope this helps

    Oh yeh and I can't preach this enough. 'All girls are beautiful, in their own way.'


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  • Personally I think it's hot. Maybe I'm in the minority though.

  • do you run competitively is that why or are you running to stay fit? And for the record idc either

    • I used to run competitively but now I just do it on my own for fun.

    • Gotcha. I run for college myself but in HS I must be honest and say that me and my buddies ripped on a girl or two for the same reason(behind their back of course) just to get a good laugh. But in they all wouldve dated them, and in some instances actually tried to and ended up being rejected by the girl lol. Everyones body is different so you just gotta put everything in perspective and not take comments like that so seriously

    • Achem, I meant to say * in the end my friends all wouldve dated the girls we ripped on, sorry about the mis-type.

  • Lawd NO! Thick, in my book at least, is one more of the highest physical compliments you can receive as a woman. Personally, I am ONLY attracted to women of your build/stature. Gown witcha bad seff!!!

  • to me, i actually find that very attractive because of you being a runner. so with that said, your thighs must be muscular built. thats a very attractive thing

  • thick legs are awesome on girls, guys might not admit it, but there hot.

  • I find it very attractive and sexy!

  • Love them
    Straddle me

  • I don't mind at all. Well that's not completely true... as long as they are majorly incredibly crazily disproportiantaly big, then I really don't mind at all.

    • Depends on if you think Beyonce's legs are crazily big.

    • Beyonce's legs are sexy

    • Beyonce preceded sexy. First there was Beyonce, then came sexy... necessity is the mother of ALL invention. We needed a word to describe Beyonce and 'sexy' was born lol!!!

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  • Is it your calves that are think by any chance? I'm a runner too and my calves bulge out, it doesn't look normal... I've had a few people comment on how big they are.

    • Calves. thighs, and butt.

      But people mostly talk about my thighs and say I have horse thighs. :(

    • I'm a runner and I did tae kwon do when I was younger. My calves are well-developped. the muscle is so weird there that it looks like my ankle is off center. if anyone makes fun of you, kick 'em in the face and you don't have to worry about them fighting back, you can just run away!

      but in all seriousness, don't worry 'bout it, someone's gonna always find something to make fun of someone else. but at least you can run.

  • Beyonce is hot. And you're in shape. I don't know exactly what you look like but if you are physically fit and in shape you're good.