My nose piercing has a smell to it?

I got my nose pierced over a year ago and, because I got it pierced at a bigger gauge it took a long time to heal. Now, it is healed but it tends to have a slight rotting smell about it, especially when I take out the stud. I clean it daily but the smell still lingers. Is this normal? Is there something I can do about it?


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  • Yes, it's normal

    It's a mixture of dead skin cells, sweat, sebum(your skins natural oil) and product buildup

    When you wash your face at night, make sure to take the stud out, wash your face(make sure to get around the little hole, wash the stud separately and rub it in alcohol and maybe swab a little alcohol around the stud

    Witch hazel will work too

    You just need to clean the hole regularly and disinfect the stud

    I have a piercing and that smell irks me too. Ironically, it began happening a long time after getting my piercing done :(

    • Thanks! :P

      It's normal. It's the same odor ear piercings get when they aren't cleaned properly or regularly. You can also buy piercing cleaner by the way, that'll work also


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  • It is very possible that it is infected being that you had to have a septum perforation for the piercing. It can turn into a very serious problem. Please go see a reliable and trusted ENT. Only available by prescription is BACTROBAN Nasal spray and cream. It is an anti-biotic. You may also want to rinse out both nostrils with nasal saline solution, one at a time, of course. Do not use a NETI pot unless directed by the ENT. The steam from it may do more harm than good. GOOD LUCK

    • It's not infected. You, however, are a bit of a hypochondriac

  • maybe its infected


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  • stuff like dead skin and etc gets on the inside your nose and smells a little. For example take your earrings out after they've been in your ears for a few days and they would smell. Get a Q-tip put sea salt water on it and clean it inside 2-3 times a day. Or you could by H2ocean piercing aftercare product.

  • Rubbing alcohol. My brother used it and it took the smell away in a snap.