Does Chanel nail polish chip easily?


I was thinking of buying a Chanel nail polish, I saw one at the store I loved but I heard that Chanel nail polish chips after one day. is this true?


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  • Chanel is good quality, but to be honest, if you're someone who does a lot of hands on things, polish is gonna chip no matter what. I think the best part of Chanel polish is pigmentation, but as far as quality, if you can find a dupe from OPI, China Glaze, Butter London or Deborah Lippman, do so

    But if you can't, then the color and pigmentation itself is worth the price.

    What you should do is use a base AND a top coat. Make sure to seal the top coat on the edges of your fingernails to slow the process of chipping

    I used a base coat for the first time and my polish has yet to chip and I'm on my second week.

    • I have one OPI color that looks a lot like that Chanel nail polish that I would love to get, but you can see the difference though... I'll still think about it! Thanks! :)


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  • All nail polish chips easily regardless of the make.

    You're better off just getting the cheap stuff.

    Don't get fooled just by the name or make.

    • Not all nail polish chip easily... OPI is a very good brand and is kinda expensive where I live, and it lasts me like 4 or 5 days! That's really long.

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    • Wow really? I just got my first essie nail polish so that sounds really good that it lasts so long! :O That's amazing

    • Okay, there's the occasional two or three that last a long time. Doesn't make the rest great though.

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  • I've heard of some Chanel colors chipping easily and of others that last a good while. It also depends on your top coat.

    But if you really love the color and you don't think you could find any other polish like it then I'd say go ahead and splurge but first make sure to google "Chanel 'name of the color' dupe".

  • I don't know about Chanel but try OPI that works really well and its what the salons use.

  • I'm sure it doesn't last long enough to justify the price, but people still buy it, so it's kind of your call.