What's so great about short girls?

why are short girls considered better and more feminine than tall girls?

i'm sick of reading this online and seeing it everywhere. I'm not hating on short girls, I'm just annoyed with the fact that people post on twitter and Facebook: "like/retweet if you're under 5'5."

or "short girls are the best.<3"

that hurts. why can't tall girls still be cute and feminine? we can't help the fact that we grew tall. that's how God made us.

guys say they love a girl with long legs, yet you love short girls.

I don't think it's fair. & I know that women discriminate against short men, too.

so guys, why are short girls so much better than tall girls? Do us tall women make you feel less masculine? do any of you appreciate tall women?

thanks for the answers.

and I didn't mean to be rude at all. I have nothing against short girls or guys who prefer short girls.

i just have a problem with people who make rude comments, like: "tall girls shouldn't wear heels."

I guess I'm just sensitive and take things too personally.



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  • People prefer others to suit their personal preference but I also think insecurity plays a role in their decision of picking out girls.

    For example : Guys are usually against women who are tall because we associate height as dominance for some dumb reason, So If a guy is 5'8 and you're 5'7 or his height, He will feel not as dominant and confident opposed to if he dated someone who was 5'3.

    Its kinda the same thing, IF you're 5'10 and you met an attractive guy but he was 5'8, You wouldn't really be interested in him unless there was a connection to begin with.

    I think people shouldn't really let things like height, weight, race or status affect their opportunities with other people, IF you find them attractive and they aren't a total bitch/douche bag, We should all give them a try.


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  • uhm I don't think short girls really have it any better than taller ones. Personally, I usually go for shorter women because taller women usually outright reject me because I'm only 5'5. I remember you posting your height before, and if I remember correctly, you're quite tall. I mean, would you date someone 5'5 as a girl? Just browse through this site and look at what women say about height and you will see why a lot of guys probably go for shorter women. a lot of girls want tall guys, and the taller the girl, the taller the guy they want will be. So as a guy, if I go for the shortest of women, my chances are a whole lot better. Do I have something against tall women? Not at all. I wouldn't mind dating a tall girl. But tall women tend to not want short guys, so I usually don't even bother. If girls didn't care about height, guys wouldn't care whatsoever...because its girls who set the rules for dating, not guys. Everything guys do/say today is because its what girls want (or its what they think girls want)

  • i think it has more with how taller girls options are more limited due to short guy/tall girl being weird for both parties

    • Like me, I'm 5'7. Would I like to date a girl with long sexy legs that's 5'9-5'10? You bet I would. My kids would have a better chance to be taller and would be more attractive. But, I'm 5'7, not 6'0. Most girls on that range wouldn't go for me. Its not I prefer short girls, its that taller girls don't prefer me.

    • Last sentence = my point exactly

    • This is it right here.

  • What is so great about tall men and why are they considered more masculine? Why does every girl swoon to them over men of other heights? If you answer this, then you just answered your own question.

    Most guys don't bother with tall girls because on average, the taller a girl is, the taller she wants her man to be.

  • I like tall and short and inbetween women I guess it has something to do with feeling tall around the girl? maybe builds the guys confidence.How is your mom doing by the way is she feeling better?

  • Do us tall women make you feel less masculine? Nope, not at all.

    Do any of you appreciate tall women? Depends on if they are worth while. You have to earn appreciation.

    why are short girls considered better and more feminine than tall girls? so guys, why are short girls so much better than tall girls?

    Most tall women come in one of two packages, 1) Tall and slender to the point of being bony and lanky. No butt, sometimes no boobs as well, bones protruding, sharper facial features, or 2) Thick muscular, masculine looking.

    The same size boobs and butt on a smaller frame (short) looks curvier. To me those curves are sexier. They have smaller more delicate features. Many times they have more sensual seductive voices. In bed there's more of a dominance thing going on and much more.

    Personality wise, they develop differently to cope... As a result they tend to appreciate you more. They feel more protected. They aren't afraid to ask for help winch helps in bonding. You get more common respect from them. They get by on cuteness and subtle manipulation sometimes, which can be funny. I could could go on, but really what's your problem with people having preferences?

  • In my area it's pretty much the other way around. Tall is considered ideal.

    I do think you're making too much of this. Most guys don't care much about height. I'm tall and I prefer tall, many of my tall friends do too. But again, it's just height, it's not a priority for most guys.

  • This is something I've only seen online, and never in real life. I think it's guys who got rejected because of their height or something, so they want to get back at tall girls. In real life, I've actually noticed tall being preferred for both girls and guys. With guys, it's considered masculine and strong. When it comes to girls, it's a supermodel height, charismatic and beautiful. I have a lot of short friends, both male and female, who have it more difficult because they're short.

  • I don't really care, but I definitely am more attracted to shorter girls. And yes, it makes me feel more masculine, or a protector, etc.

  • I don't really have a preference for height. 5' to 5'8 works for me

  • Short or tall is all about relativity. How tall is your man?

    Most people feel more comfortable in a relationship where the man is taller, but if you're a tall girl there's usually no problem unless you're dating a short guy.


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  • As a short girl myself, a lot of us are insecure because we aren't tall and leggy like the "ideal" model.

    And lots of shorter guys get mad that certain girls won't date them because they are the same height, or the girl is taller, or the girl is taller than him in heels. I think women can be gorgeous at any height, really. Even many short girls (4'11"-5'2") will have height requirements of guys on dating websites like "5'11" or over." I get that everyone has different tastes, but I think it's a little much and understand why the guys get miffed over that.

  • i'm a short girl. like Snooky short.

    i envy a lot of tall girls. I wish I had their long legs but I know I can never have them so I make use of what I have.

    im blessed I have legs and I can walk.

    you know how hard it is for me to get the right pair of pants because they are either too skinny or too long?

    so I end up buying a lot of nice skirts and cover my short legs with black stockings.

    i feel awkward having a really tall boyfriend because I feel like a mushroom. lol.

    and I stay away from really tall people because I feel so small.

    i have nothing against tall girls. I actually admire them. :)

  • Short girls aren't better than tall girls just like tall girls aren't better than short girls.

    Studies have shown that shorter women with longer legs(short torse) are perceived as more attractive(in NA at least) but in Europe, taller is better(since it's more common).

    I think tall girls and short guys make the biggest deals out of height because their heights are *less* than ideal, but that doesn't mean that you can't be attractive.

    I think you're zooming in on the love for short girls, because you're insecure about your height. Just like if you had no ass and paid attention to all the posts about guys liking girls with big asses. It would sting, because it's like you're looking for that confirmation that what you have is bad.

    Just ignore it. I'm mixed, but should I cry over the fact that white women are perceived as more attractive? I mean, it's everywhere, from studies and research to online forums. No. But if I choose to focus on that, my life woud be miserable

  • wow, I've never heard of this before. I'm 5'3" and wish every day I was taller. I also know girls that are short, who are always wearing high heels because they are so insecure with their height. to me tall girls have the best of both worlds, because there are not many super short (enough to be awkward) guys out there, they don't have to worry about petite sizes, all models are super tall and just about every popular sport today utilizes tall people. I feel like the world caters to tall people.

    • lucky, I envy you!

      i never really saw it from that point of view, but it does make sense. I guess tall and short people both have advantages and disadvantages.

  • Generally men are taller. And generally women are shorter. But at the same time it varies for person when it comes to height preference.