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When a girl says you're cute?

I've started dressing better recently, and I've had a few girls tell me "you're so cute". I know this is usually girl speak for "you're not... Show More

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  • To me, cute = adorable. Attractive in an adorable way, I guess. Like Paul Rudd. I'd take cute over "hot" any day!

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  • no one I no says hot so for me its basically the female version of hot like o he's cute(instead of hot)

  • Its a compliment, think about it as if you see a kitten you say aww that's cute. So the girls obviously like the way you dress. which will up your chances of finding a girlfiriend : )

  • What? I tell people I think are attractive that they're cute all the time, even if I don't have feelings for them or whatever. It's a genuine compliment on my end.

  • Cute doesn't mean unattractive. If I were to say it to a guy it would be because I think he's attractive, but not in the same way as 'hot'. Cute=boyfriend material in my opinion, 'hot' to me just means lots of sex appeal, 'cute' on the other hand is attractive in a sweet way and I attach a lot of affection to it when I call a guy cute.

  • its just a compliment.

  • Cute is like a guy who is good looking and/or possesses attractive qualites but may not have that animal "I-wanna-f-u" sex appeal. This might be caused by lack of confidence on the guy's part.

    It could be your facial features. If you have a babyface or childlike features then you're gonna hear cute more.

What Guys Said 4

  • That's the rub, as Shakespeare would say: some girls do use it as a euphemism for " He's OK, but I'm not attracted to him", while others could genuinely intend it as flirting.

  • i honestly believe it means their attracted to you and would accept you as a logical source to date and even marry if while in a relationship dive deeper in love with you because I recently found a girl I'm absolutely insane about who said I was "cute" and I have aspergers which really effects my social skills but to conquer that I'm goinng try to get her more interested in me then maybe we can spark something from that the only problem is is that its long distance but we meet up everynow and then which can really be hard on a relationship and I never thought of us as a kind of lets say... boyfriend/girlfriend basis til now and its absolutely driving me nuts every time I see her face now I'm only 14 and she's 14 but she's absolutely beautiful perhaps the most beautiful girl I've ever seen because all the girls at my school are slutty their beautiful but she's beautiful and completely relates to me even though she doesn't have aspergers which is really hard to find when talking about a relationship, with someone who has aspergers and someone who doesn't but in my opinion you gotta jump into the relationship with the girl of your dreams and sorry rambling on about myself up there but that's just my story proving that if you jump into something and commited to staying with it you can get the girl of your dreams take me living proof but unlike you its harder for me because of my aspergers. I'm your proof and what adds onto that is I've always been to shy to even hang around with girls except for really good friends who I've known for ages but yea take a shot the worst that could happen is her say no and then you say "Are we still friends" most likely the girl won't wanna end a friendship because your interest in her she just needs to build stronger relations maybe to get her to say yes know each other for awhile then ask her out I know that's general knowledge but maybe knowing her for awhile will make her more comfortable moving to the next step with you and give you a chance with her, and also if she's a girl whos into guys for looks chances are she's only gonna use you... I know this for a fact one of my friends attempted suicide because a girl turned him down...

  • I think it would mean you're adorable, and maybe even cuddly. It's a good compliment on it's own. Take it and run with it~

  • no she actually likes you. it's a pretty good compliment, possibly the best compliment you'll get from a girl, because girls don't normally say hot or sexy when they find a guy to be attractive.

    consider yourself lucky.

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