Did you look change when you got your braces off?

I've seen people get their braces off and they look more attractive. Is this true? What are your thoughts, please share

You GUYS I got my braces OFF! yay- I feel weird though and think I look weird


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  • Funny you should ask this. My girlfriend at the time got hers taken off & I unfortunately didn't notice.

    I looked at her face more, it never bothered me that she had braces, except having to take the rubber bands off before we were going to get passionate.

    • How can you not notice! lol aww, no more obstacles

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    • YIKES, Vanessa. Oooh a bad ex.

      Anyway Vanessa I do believe he was saying that you are hot.

      What a great compliment.

    • haha no bad ex. Really? I don't see myself as hot though, like I don't wear makeup at all


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  • Not really for me because my teeth were fine in the front anyway. It was my teeth in the back that were out of whack.

    • so you didn't feel different in any way?

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    • aww but on the bright side all of them were nice except those that you are talking about

  • Not really, most people didn't even know I had braces in the first place. This is because my lips cover my lips when I talk. So for a whole 2-3 years some people didn't even notice.

    I did, however, look a lot older once they came off.

    • thats what I believe, somehow people look more mature and better in a way

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  • I guess it might've made me look a bit older, I hated my smile with braces on because it made me look younger and awkward. It took some people a while to even notice though, so I guess it didn't change my look too much :p

    It's mostly your confidence that changes, I think. I felt so much better getting them off finally.

    • OH I just want it to do that for me! My confidence is a bit low now, I think it started when I got my braces on, so I am looking forward to change

  • when I got my braces removed I was actually more socially accepted. I was that weird awkward kid when I was younger (you know, had a f***ed up haircut, glasses, and braces).

    • how so were you more socially accepted? Like, did people's perception of you change, did this boost up your confidence, improve romantic life?

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    • ooo how exciting :o

    • I know ugh I have been counting the days ! 3/4 more days woot:o!

  • Yes

    Straight teen and a good smile can make a person look more inviting and welcoming. Plus, a lot of times the rubber bands help shift the alignment and those little movements make all the more difference in facial structure.

    It feels so weird when you first get them taken off. You can feel how smooth your teeth are and they might even look fake to you. But it's so worth it in the end.

    • I really hope so, I just wish I go through a great drastic change like someone people, but who knows? I will have to wait to find out

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    • Yeah

      Nowdays they give the clear ones unless you had a severe under/overbite in which case they give the metal ones.

      But it's usually anywhere from 3-12 months that you have to wear it 24/7 and then it becomes nightly wear

      I'm done with 24/7 wear :) unless I notice my teeth start to shift then I have to start wearing them 24/7 again

    • ahh really? they usually give clear ones? I hope I get clear ones then (: Ahh I am going to have to start wearing them for a year also 24/7 but I guess its worth taking care of your smile. A lot of my friends didn't wear their retainers so their teeth shifted

  • Before my braces, my two top cuspids were WAY up high, it looked really weird. So when my braces pulled them down, my mouth looked SO much better.

    Unfortunately, I've had stains from the braces ever since. Not very noticeable to anyone except me, but it sucks, haha!

    • have you gotten them whiten?

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    • it should help

    • I hope so! Thanks :-)