How To Know If A Guy Likes You

I have listed down below the body language of men which will clearly indicate whether he likes you or not.

The points below have been written keeping the level of relationship in mind. Each point is a progress in level.

Notice where he is staring

Does he stare at you when you are away talking with your friends or doing something else for that matter? Guys tend to secretly stare at girls they admire and like. They try to watch what the girl does and the way she behaves. So if you find a man constantly staring whenever you pass by then chances are that the man likes you and is attracted towards you.

The man's smile

How a man smiles at you can pretty much reveal his thoughts. Is it an informal smile or is it deeper. Does the smile last for a considerably longer time or does it get cut off just like a formal hello. Also watch the man's eyebrow. There is a raise and fall in the eyebrow when a man looks at a woman he likes.
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Mirroring behavior

Mirroring is a phenomenon in which one person automatically mirrors what the other person is doing. Like for instance, when one person leans forward to tell something the other person leans forward too to meet the other person's lean. If one person sits back the other one sits back too. This generally happens between two people who are attracted to each other.

Mirroring is a part of body language of a man that happens almost subconsciously when he likes you. So next time try to notice and see if your man is mirroring you.

Blinking rate

When your guy is talking to you notice how many times he blinks. An increase in the blink rate directly indicates attraction.

Change in looks

When men are in love they try to take better care of their looks. Although this can also mean that the man could be in love with anyone. So you can take this tip in accordance with the above points

Helpful attitude

Is he trying to help you out where ever possible? If a man likes you he will try to help you out and make your life that much more easier.

Curious to know more about you

Does he ask you all kinds of questions about your interests, likes and dislikes? This is a solid sign that the man likes you and wants to know more about you so he can take the relationship to the next level

Finding out if you have a boyfriend?

If a man is really serious about you, then he will definitely try to find out if you already have an on-going relationship with another guy. Some men might ask you this question directly whereas others will try to find this out by some other means like asking your friends or someone who is close to you. He might even ask you indirect questions like what you generally do on weekends and stuff. All these are ways to find out if you already have a boyfriend. Once a man is sure that you are single, he will make his next move or wait for you to make a move by giving you all the right signals.

Letting you know that he doesn't have a girlfriend

Once a guy is sure that you are the right girl, he will also try to pass on the message that he is single too and is open to dating. He will try to tell you directly or indirectly that he does not have a girlfriend currently.
"If a man is serious about you, he will definitely try to find out if you already have a relationship."

Asking for a date

Fear of getting rejected stops most men from making this final move; which is asking a girl for a date. Most men will instead send over signals that they want to date you. Some examples are asking to drop you home (if you are working in the same office or studying in the same school/college), spending money on you by getting you goodies like CDs, books etc. treating you will respect, telling you about his weekend plans which involves going to the movies alone. He will try to see if you pick up the opportunity and ask for a date.

Taking the relationship forward

Once you start dating, you can easily find out if the man is really serious about you. If he is serious, he will maintain daily contact with you. He will start introducing you to his friends, his family and relatives. A man will also start opening up a lot more at this point, letting you know his true feelings for you.


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  • What is the deal with the raised eyebrow.. I have noticed this happening A LOT, & it look sort of sexual to be honest, like innuendo 'ish' .

    WHY, do guys raise their eyebrows, when they like some one or re attracted to them, & do they KNOW they are doing it, is it on purpose?

  • "When men are in love they try to take better care of their looks." What if he begins to dress like you?

  • I love this article! This has all the right answers. And everything that you said was exactly what a guy did to me. I'm gonna take note of this and share it with my besties. You just saved me a lot of wondering. Keep it up! =D

  • A lot of whats in here is happening now for the guy im interested in soo im really glad for this article because it just reassured what i already knew.

  • But what happens if a guy does all of the above. then after you've met him, he cuts all contact and tells his friends not to talk to you? Have I done something wrong, or is he just scared. I've been told he does like flirting but his friends are totally confused by his behaviour this time.

  • This sort of helps me well I'm still confused.

  • Ya and what if a guy does all the above except introducing to friends and after few days stop being in contact as before saying he has some important things to accomplish and latz hv this relation after I accomplish my things...what does that mean..?

  • really nice article! it helps me a bit... but what if you tell him that you are goig to the cinema with a friend, and he says I'm in! without you having to ask him if he wants to go? what does it mean?

  • Every girl not sure if that cute boy in 6th period likes you, take note of this. everything ison point.

  • Totally true

  • A very good article! It will help me in the future. I think... In sort way... ;)


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