48 sweet things to say to your girlfriend

Let's face it girls. Guys are clueless to emotional range and romance. And you guys, you need serious help with getting your feelings through to a girl. Telling them how much they mean to you often and sometimes in surprising ways is a great way to really get on top of the intimate connection that you've been looking for. If you are get through to her then you'll find out where you fall together.

These words are like gold (or better yet, diamonds) when used on the girl who has affection for you. So give them a try when the feeling is right. And leave a random note or letter here or there. You'll be glad that you took the time. Also, be sure to be funny and remember to give her a sample of what she loves at all times!

  1. You are so gorgeous.

  2. Today, when I got up, the first thing I thought about was you.

  3. Your hair looks stunning.

  4. You are my sweet joy.

  5. I appreciate your body so much.

  6. You're so mouth watering, in a tasty way.

  7. I've waited all my way of life to discover a person like you. Finally. Now I feel all set.

  8. I love cuddling up by having you.

  9. I fall in love with you all over again, every time I see you.

  10. I like you greater than anybody.

  11. You make me feel full of life.

  12. You're so full of sweet stuff; I'm going to be diabetic. (Ha)

  13. Folks think I'm nuts, but I'm going crazy for you.

  14. I like my temperature rise when you're near.

  15. Your smile makes my day.

  16. You're my apple pie.

  17. When you're away, I think of you.

  18. Your cheeks resemble tomatoes.

  19. Your lips are opulent.

  20. Whenever I think of you, I rise to full attention every time.

  21. You happen to be as fabulous as daffodils and tulips.

  22. You make every other girl just gross in contrast to your glow.

  23. No different women are able to hold an iPhone light to you.

  24. Other girls are so weird and complicated compared to you.

  25. Am sure there are tons of girls who cry all night, wishing they happened to be as beautiful as you happen to be.

  26. You finalize who I am.

  27. You are my treasure.

  28. You happen to be my stunning one!

  29. This different dress looks so really good on you!

  30. Your voice happens to be as heavenly as honey.

  31. You have a sexy tone. Simply tuning in to it turns me on.

  32. Your voice at the end of the day makes life worth living, regardless of all the struggles.

  33. You're everything I choose, and more.

  34. I treasure the means you comprehend my prospects prior to I voice them.

  35. I like the youngster in you. (If she happens to be immature)

  36. I wish to be there to hold your hand and shield you from every trouble that you might face.

  37. I happen to be going to be there for you - continually.

  38. Cupcake, pumpkin pie, you're the sweetest.

  39. You are my way of life.

  40. The earlier I rouse the more time I will definitely devote reasoning of you.

  41. I'll be there for you.

  42. You've painted my life with all the colors.

  43. If I let you go I would regret for the others of my life.

  44. Just you have the ticket of my heart.

  45. My love for you has no limitations.

  46. I will certainly defend you with my love.

  47. I savor every second devoted having to you.

  48. You Are More Important Than You Know.

Still need help getting the connection? There's lots of mental and physical advice on how to get her libido rising at my personal blog. I hope you enjoy!
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What Guys Said 16

  • This stuff works, been using lots of them naturally and was amazed to see some of the sayings listed here. I dont even know why I came here to find something new to say cause Im doing pretty darn well on my own lol. My girl eats this stuff up like there is no tomorrow, but we have the type of relationship with a first off, strong friendship as a foundation. YOU NEED THAT, cause no matter how big the "house of love" that you want to build, with out a foundation, it will always fall apart. YOU can't BUILD A HOUSE ON A CLOUD!!!

  • "The earlier I rouse the more time I will definitely devote reasoning of you." ...

    I should try this. I will try this.

  • "Guys are clueless to emotional range and romance. And you guys, you need serious help with getting your feelings through to a girl."

    Clueless? That's a huge generalization. Just because men don't always verbalize our emotions doesn't mean we don't have them, or sometimes share in different ways than women. We do tons of things to say "I love you", usually in the form of doing things for you, not saying them. Men do share with girls we find really special, but we only with the girls earn it.

  • You could just say "Guys, don't be afraid to use your own creativity in the moment. She'll appreciate the gesture more than any canned lines."

  • "Guys are clueless to emotional range and romance". Here we go, talking about retarded females up their round a**holes

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What Girls Said 10

  • if you are TELLING them what to say, how does that help them express -themselves-.

    anyways who the hell wants to hear a cliche. if someone isn't inspired to say something real, id rather they say nothing. your list is _your_ list. you can say that stuff to _your_ boyfriend, but people should say what they mean.

    guys are not monkeys. if they feel/ think something& they want to say it, they can easily figure ot a way. they don't ned cliff notes. .

  • You're so mouth watering, in a tasty way.

    You're my apple pie.

    Your cheeks resemble tomatoes.

    I would think my boyfriend is preparing to eat me.

  • Some of these are pure cheese and cringe :D

  • 1,2,3,48,41,24,15,17 are good though and more real.

  • This is cheesy as hell,i don't think people talk like that in real life and if they do, too bad for them. I think a wow would do just fine :P

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