Do girls notice when guys check them out?

Do we make it that obvious ?

If so, guys, how can we do it without letting them know that we're doing it ?


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  • Some guys check us out "tastefully", and that's perfectly fine. It's honestly flattering to know that guys like what they see. However, there is a fine line between being tasteful and being perverted.

    For example, there was one guy who walked up to me, started talking, and just stared at my boobs and DROOLED. Mouth gaping, eyes looking down, and DROOLING. UGH! And what's worse, was that I was at work.and he had already left by the time I got a manager over there. Even worse? His mother works at the same place I do. And he's old enough to by my dad. I felt dirty, angry, and frustrated, because I couldn't kick him in the crotch and still keep my job. I honestly wished I didn't have boobs, or at least had smaller ones, since anything besides a potato sack draws attention to them. (Even t-shirts, but I can't afford a breast reduction right now - no insurance due to pre-existing conditions.)

    So, if you're going to look, don't just stare, and for God's sake, don't drool! When we're talking, look at our faces. We do have them, despite the fact that few guys seem to realize it.

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      It's sad that what that guy did made you feel like that. Your body is yours alone for life, and you should be absolutely comfortable in it. Is there no chance of a complaint being brought against the perv? Anyhoo, did he really drool? Eww! That's disgusting! It's common manners to look at a person's face when talking. What some pervs don't seem to realize is that a girl is more likely to be impressed by eye contact than perving. Am I right? I try to keep my eyes up, but it can be hard at times.

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      Yes, he really drooled, but I'm not filing a complaint. He's left me alone, since I wasn't very polite.

      We're much more impressed by eye contact than by perving, which will at best get you a "roll-eyes," at worst, a kick in the crotch. Props for trying to keep your eyes up. It's different when someone is obviously trying NOT to stare. Flattering in a funny sort of way. You like what you see so much that you can't help but look, no matter how you try not to. It's a cute sort of nervous.