Does McDonald's make you feel sick?

Every time I get something from there my stomach gets upset and I feel a little nauseous. I can't even explain how it makes me feel but it's not good...Very strange.

Does this happen to other people or is it just me? I don't eat there often at all, sometimes I treat myself to a burger if I have a coupon, maybe once every 3 months.

I do eat rather healthy. We don't buy junk food anymore, I haven't had a potato chip in months. lol Plus we don't eat meat very often, I usually have chicken or salmon.


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  • I notice that if I eat very fattening foods I feel tired and sluggish afterwards, but I guess that's pretty normal.


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  • I don't feel anything after eating at macdonalds. although my farts can be quite deadly the next day...smells like pure sulphur.

  • Yes, it does. So does a lot of other fast food or heavily processed food.

  • Mcdonalds foods is actually meant to make you hungrier. There's a study on it, just google it. ;)

  • Yes. It was all I had to eat for two days at state FFA last year. I felt terrible the whole time. I ended up actually being sick about the middle of the second day. I hate public bathrooms too, and we were in the Hearnes Center on the campus at MU so that's what I had to use. It sucked.

  • I tried having a fish sandwich and fries from McDonald's a couple of times in the last year. Prior to that it had been years since I had eaten there, and the only reason I did it because I was around some younger people in college who ate there. In both instances, at least a couple of hours after I ate the McDonald's I got nauseated, and I got a migraine headache. I'm not sure how to explain this, except maybe the oil they fry the french fries in makes me feel this way? I'm a voracious omnivore who eats all kinds of food, from the mundane to the exotic, and pretty much nothing I've ever eaten made me feel that bad.


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  • I get sick if I eat there but I think that my situation is a little different than yours. I am pregnant. But then again grease takes longer to digest then other foods. Just having that sit in my stomach makes me ill plus it also leads to me getting this sour feeling.

  • That happens to me while I eat there. The greasiness of the food is what makes me sick.

  • It doesn't make me physically sick, but it does gross me out knowing how bad their food is for you. I stopped eating there a couple years ago, its only good when you're a little kid and don't know the repercussions of eating food like that.

  • Yes, I always feel like that after I eat Mcdonald's or Burger King burgers. I only feel like that when I eat the beef and sometimes the chicken nuggets. Maybe it's all those harmones they pump into the meat or the grease they cook it in. GROSS!

  • YES! McDonald's KILLS my stomach every time I eat it which isn't very often either. Not to get too graphic but it makes me feel like it needs to come out of one end or the other right now! It is the most excruciating pain I've experienced, to date, in regards to an upset stomach.

    I always say "God, if you just let this be over, I promise I will never eat McDonald's again!" But I find myself there once again three months later "grabbing something really quick" because I'm always on the move and need to try to incorporate "eating" in there too somehow that day...smh.

    Anyway, I don't know what that feeling/sickness is but it definitely makes me want to keep on driving when I'm coming up on a McDonald's!

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