What makes a guy's face ugly?

Women are EXTREMELY picky about a man's looks. Also, many women have different opinions on what is sexy and what is an ugly face.

So, in your opinion, what makes a man "ugly"?


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  • Really thick eyeBrows, acne, messed up yellow teeth, big noses. big lips.

    :) that's it,

    • I have thick eyebrows :(

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    • that pretty much describes me :(

    • big lips? i thought big lips are a turn on for girls?

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  • unibrows, bad teeth, potato noses, short noses, eyes too close together, dumbo ears, greasy skin, acne, patchy hair, big lips, lack of chin.

  • a guy is ugly only if his attitude is. I don't judge on looks. I think an ugly personality totally is the definition of an ugly guy. some guys can look hot but be pretty ugly in terms of personality and try to diss or hurt others or pick on or bully others-that's the definition of ugly to me

  • Please. Like men aren't extremely picky about the way a girl looks? If they aren't down with that, they won't even take a girl on a date. Women are statistically less superficial than men, regardless of stereotype. Have you heard the comments guys make about every detail about a woman? So it's a two-sided playing field, both sexes could do some work on sensitivity training. That said, I don't focus on what makes people ugly, I focus on what makes them beautiful, and no two women or people period have the same taste. There is not a single person on this planet everyone can unanimously agree is ugly. As far as what's sexy, it depends on the individual, and that said there are things that count far more than exterior when attracting women. I know plenty of guys I perceive as average or below average that get tons of women, it's all about confidence and approach. I will say what women find ugly is insecurity and self-doubt.

    • I'm sorry but this is just flat out false. Okcupid did a large study and found that women view 80% of men as less than average looking. So the guys you are talking about with below average looks are probably still average, women just have a warped standard of what is average. The guys that are unfortunately ugly, are ignored and treated like social outcasts.

    • Women are actually more picky than men, this is due to biology.

  • An asymmetrical face

    Big/weird shape noses


    Skin that looks dirty

    Chapped lips (ewwwwww!)

    No jawline

    Weird eyebrows... and this differs from girl to girl, but I personally love thick eyebrows while others hate them.

    • I have thick dark brown eyebrows. Around 1/4 inch thick and they get thinner as it goes away from my nose.... Bad?

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    • I have a clean face with good chapped lips with thick eyebrows. xD

    • LOL @ Prometheus's comment.

  • Lack of WIT, & ability to win in a staring contest. :-)

  • Bad teeth, no jawline whatsoever, a nose that really doesn't fit the guy's face, a unibrow, skin that looks unwashed (acne doesn't bug me though). Yeah..that's all I can think of at the moment.

  • There's not one or even a few certain things. When people are ugly, they are UGLY. It's hard to explain, some people can have really bad features, but on them it doesn't look bad.

  • Asymmetry is universally unattractive.

  • Unibrows, acne, messed up teeth, big noses, big ears

  • no one is ugly.. :)

  • I don't really like a guy with a unibrow other then that there is not a lot that turns me off about a guys face.

  • I think what makes a man ugly is how he treats other people and how rude he is, I don't judge too much on appearance

  • Lack of symmetry, large/too long noses, small forehead, unibrows, acne, bad teeth, eyes that are too big, etc

    • Lol by looking at your pic, not surprised you commented a list of bad things. Probably, go for that jock/douche frat.

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    • 23d

      I think small forehead and big eyes doesn't make u ugly!!

  • That would be if they are sourfaced, or very reserved to the extent that their facial expressions appear artificial. I have seen guys who could be called 'ugly' objectively but are very charming and universally loved, and others who are angel-faced but so stiff that you can't bare looking at them speak. Also if they don't look people in the eyes, it makes their face look indifferent.

    Speaking more personally, a man's lips make it or break it for me. I don't like narrow, stiff lips at all.

  • Lack of confidence.

  • acne- pimples, zits, ect.

    spit when they talk

    greasy hair

    greasy skin

    bald spots

    weird noses

    fat lips

    dried up and cracked lips


    thin eyebrows

    bad sense of style

    lack of muscles

    cheesy tattos

  • We can be really picky sometimes, but to be honest we do check out this things:


    hairy eyebrows or mustache (unless the girl likes it, most doesnt)




    those are starting points to us sometimes, sometimes we just don't care about a guy's face

  • Bug ears, big nose, hunched back, that's it

  • It's not just your face. Girls can tell a lot about a guy by just looking at him. If a guy is usually drop dead gorgeous then a lot of girls should know to avoid him. (he's probably a player). If you have a lot of zits, glasses and dress like a geek, then in our minds that's what you are. Girls don't always want to take the time to find out what a guy is like -personality wise- sometimes we just need to look at how you dress and what your hair looks like and you're our new boy toy. Basically, if you carry yourself as a hot, confident guy (and don't have a history of being annoying or a jerk) then we will see you as just that a hot, confident guy. BTW... use the summer to change your image. People will have an easier time adjusting to the new you.

  • Disproportionate features

  • I'm very picky about a man's smile/teeth so if their teeth is ugly I'm Not too attracted to them. .. I can bare small eyes and round face ... and even like square faces but not ugly or messed up teeth..

  • chubby jaw line! -hate it

    skin and teeth must at least OK

    Hair and ears clean pleeeease

    No hairs in your nose and ears - euk

  • littletad might want to look at the female answers one more time, LOL

    but, anyways...if he looks mean. like sometimes the eyebrows can look criminal for some reason. or if his teeth are dirty and stained. the worst is dry, crusty lips, EWWWWW! come on guys, chap stick might set you back a whopping 99 cents, if that. any greasiness on the entire head is just plain laziness. wash yourself. a gigantic chin, lips, and jaw line really scares me. like, maybe he is going to try and eat me one day, YIKES! a severe part down the center of his hair is strange. what else...black gums from smoking. I know, it may seem crazy, but when a guy opens his mouth to talk or smile and it just looks like one dark shadow I get freaked out! it's really shallow, but I completely write him off from that point on. there is no going back.

  • Pockmarks


    Big oddly shaped nose that doesn't go with his other features

    Bad teeth

    Proportionate features

    Caterpillar eyebrows

    Bad bone structure


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  • I'm not a chick but I think you're wrong. Guys in my opinion are much pickier with looks then girls. Why do you think you always see attractive girls with ugly guys? Looks don't hurt, but we put more weight on them then they they do.

    • I agree. and no offense to anyone, but some guys are super shallow when it comes to looks.

    • I agree too! girls will get with an ugly/average guy if he's funny/got a good personality whereas guys are way less likely to do so! I never see ugly girls wit hot guys it just doesn't happen

  • Wait until you find someone who doesn't judge you on your looks, they are a rare breed but are much better in the long run.

    • Oh look, another down vote and runner who can't give an argument, I guess I hit a nerve.

    • It wasn't me man! I give you a thumbs up because I agree whole heartedly!

  • Women aren't that picky. Anyhow, bad acne is a major turn off.

  • A guy is freaking UGLY if he does not believe in himself with LOVE !

  • I'd venture to guess, nose structure, lips, chin.

  • No wonder I'm ugly

  • it is killing me not to know that :'(

  • Hmm
    I have big lips-little disproportionate as well
    slight malocclusion-crooked teeth
    narrow chin
    thick raised eyebrows
    naturally thin hair -have a full head - hairline has not receded yet
    flat nose-which gets really big when I smile
    face acne and oily skin - because I have mild case of seborrheic dermatitis; despite eating healthy food and taking some medication
    my physique is nothing spectacular - lean body BMI of 19.5- find it hard to put on muscle as I have an ectomorph bodytype and I am allergic to high levels of protein intake

    I have a good personality though, engage a lot in traveling, sport, reading, well educated, no creepy habits, get along with everyone. But sadly, very often I come across plenty of people who look down on me, and girls/women never notice me. Often got bullied at school and college. Have frequent bouts of inferiority complex and depression.

    People often advice " count your blessings " but we humans always relate to the direct experiences we have had...

  • Yeah i wonder this too. Like, I've been told im cute but i dont believe it so ill just describe myself

    Dirty blonde hair-it rolls as if its spiked
    Not really anything weird about my eyebrows
    Kinda long eyelashes, ugly ass brown eyes
    I guess a normal nose?
    Again normal lips? lol
    Straight white teeth 110% of the time
    I guess a jaw-line
    I do love to work out and stuff but im not jacked, i do work on a lot of ab workouts... so yeah i have that for sure. I don't know i hear its attractive
    I know for a FACT i have a fun personality, but at times annoying:):)
    My really only upsetting downfall is that i have kinda a lot of acne. Not crazy, it got sooo much better but its still there. My main question for those of you that care to read is, will that alone make me ugly, and do i sound ugly in general? Thanks!

  • Well I know I'm beautiful

  • I like chicken

  • Being average looking