How do I know he likes me for more than just sex?

Okay so I've been seeing this guy for like a month and a half, 2 months. When we first got talking we got to know a lot about each other and we had a lot of similar interests and values and stuff, so I finally just asked him, 'are you going to take me out on a date yet?' and he did. We got along amazingly and I was really ladylike as usual, we had the second date and we kissed a lot, then on the third date we had sex - he never pushed me into anything, never has, and always said if I wasn't comfortable with something to just tell him. Sometimes I have, and he's respected that (though usually we ended up going there anyway, at my wish, just a bit later) Up until then we'd still been talking and enjoying the dates and I really like him, and I think he really likes me too... but the thing is, I know this sounds kinda arrogant of me, but I seem to fall under the category of good in bed? He says I'm beautiful and I have a really curvy but skinny figure, curves in all the right places I guess, I like all the things he does in bed, and that includes some pretty dirty stuff... I guess I have a really high sex drive, I can go a bit crazy, I'm not all that inhibited. And since then, we've still been talking and dating and doing stuff, but the conversations always include sex somewhere, as do the dates. If we can't have sex for some reason, it starts to get to be a main topic of conversation. I kinda feel like he always expects me to sleep with him. That's not a problem for me, but for all my kinkiness, I don't like casual sex or one-night stands, I only date a guy if I really like him, which means if I sleep with him I'll really really like him.

But lately I've been thinking, does that mean he only wants me for sex? The thing is, if I'm dating someone and I don't think a serious relationship could come of it, I end it - I don't like to just 'casually date' forever. Do you guys think a relationship is possible here? Is this normal? I know that if I'm in a relationship I still want to have a good sex life... so, is he just enjoying his as part of the dating process and maybe it could stay that way later too if we got serious? Or is he taking advantage of how I don't like to rush things but also really like him and like a lot of sex? I can't really tell... what are your experiences and thoughts?