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White shirt with black bra?

Do you guys think wearing a white shirt with a black bra is tacky, hot, slutty , what?

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  • I don't get why some people think it's tacky/slutty :/

    I don't see a problem with it. I guess because I do it sometimes, or I wear an obnoxiously bright bra with a black shirt or something :p

What Guys Said 7

  • Some would call it slutty, but I love it. I wouldn't be ashamed being seen in public with any girl wearing a white blouse and black bra. I've even seen a girl wearing a black shear blouse and a white bra. Some girls know what a guy wants to see.

  • It just tells us that she wants us to look.

    • Not necassarily. Some girls only have black bras....

  • sluty, and ugly. It definitely gives the wrong impression

  • Depends on the place. If it is at a public place, then Its definitely tacky.

  • If you've got great t!ts, I think that'd be an awesome look. Especially if the bra is low cut.

  • hot ;)

  • I just saw a girl today in bangalore near ITPL. She is wearing a black bra under her cute white front button shirt, I would say she was around 34C or 36A.. Its was damm hot, that my weapon got tempted to see her breast and bra cuts.. She was so hot and I am going to come tonite ;-)

    Girls, please continue wearing similar to this.. We guys need you ;-)

    • Disgusting, all you guys think about is sex. You know there are lots of things that you can think about other than sex right? Get a life.

What Girls Said 4

  • white shirt, black bra. most guys don't care.

  • I never thought of this as a big deal... I'm actually wearing a white shirt with a black bra right now... I don't really think it matters...

  • I think it's pretty tacky. I've been seeing this more than I'd like around campus lately and the general impression it seems to have on my guy friends is she's the kind of girl they'd only want for a night. I think subtlety is key, slight cleavage, a shirt that falls off the shoulder a bit, etc. These things look unintentional but still attract attention, wearing a white shirt with a colored bra looks like you're trying way too hard to get attention. Desperation is never attractive.

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