My boyfriend won't talk to me unless I talk first?

He'll tell me to call him when I get home, sometimes he calls first, but that's like once in a while, he NEVER texts me first unless he's bored or wants me to come over. Should I be worried?

it's been nearly a month. I spoke to him once on Facebook and he said he wasn't home. I spoke to his sister and she said she didn't know where he was, like last week, but last night she said he's back home and he's been on the phone every night..
should I call him and break up with him or just leave it alone and never talk to him again?


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  • I once heard my former best friend's dad say the following statement: "If a guy truly likes a girl, he will do almost anything to talk to her." I still remember it word for word to this day, because it's so true. I've heard that relationships that start from hook ups are not always real, loving relationships because everything was done so fast before you took the time to get to know each other. That happened to me once, and I ended up in a relationship with the guy but at first he always alwaysss texted me and called ME. I rarely had to initiate conversations. After a little while though, I noticed that he rarely ever texted me first and I was always the one starting the conversations, but I did notice that he still texted me first on occasion if I hadn't texted him in a while. This confused and hurt me, but I eventually realized that the only reason he wasn't texting me all the time anymore was because he didn't "love" me anymore and really only wanted to make sure I would still hook up with him. I've heard from countless girls and guys that guys who aren't interested show that they aren't really interested by their actions, and that if a guy truly likes a girl, he would let them know and try to do anything to be with her. It really sounds like this guy is only in it for the hook up. I'd say dump him before he dumps you and find someone who you can get to know and have a mutual connection with, THEN do all the fun stuff :)

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      It is so true. This hits home with me. There was this guy I talked to and now he never says anything to me. If a guy truly likes you, he should take the initiative....especially if he really likes that girl. But it still makes me sad.