Boyfriend mad at me?

Why do guys 'ignore' you after a fight? My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years now, we have had our share of fights and arguments. But what I don't understand is that sometimes after we have gotten in one he doesn't talk to me for several days, I ignore him and wait for him to come around once he has cooled off and he does end up coming around. We got in a fight last Friday, so its been a week already and he still hasn't talked to me. Is he still really that mad at me? I know this week he has had midterms but Friday he has no classes...but then again its 930 in the morning. Am I stressing over nothing?why is he doing this?should I try contacting him? or just leave it be and continue to be patient?

Do you think he will come around and things will work out?or is it a hint of saying its over?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sounds like he is kind of pass-agressive; meaning that he has problems discussing and/or expressing frustration or anger towards you. The way that he deals with conflict is by avoiding it, and maybe this is a result of something negative that happen to him in the past associated with conflict. I wouldn't suggest telling him that you think he is pass aggressive, because this might make him angry, or continue to beg him to talk to you about things. Perhaps putting a little less pressure on him to talk about things, and giving him a little time. Just let him know that it would be great if you could talk things out with him, but that you are willing to wait for whenever he is ready to talk to you. After you let him know this, stop contacting him, and I guarantee you he will eventually start talking to you again. When you guys do talk things out, try not to get mad at him, or point things out about him, just tell him that you are happy that he expressed how he really felt. Make him feel like he can discuss things with you, and not just relationship problems, but other things in his life. If he seems uncomfortable with that, don't try to push him but let him know that you will be there in case he does want to talk. I dated a guy who had this problem, and overtime he really started opening up to me and I think it really helped him grow as a person :) Good luck! I hope this was helpful.