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How to know if a guy thinks you're pretty?

Hi, I know this is a weird question to ask but I've always wondered how to tell if a guy thinks your attractive/pretty/etc. Now I'm not asking how to... Show More

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  • In your case if a guy looks at you, you can be sure he thinks you are pretty. Judging from your profile pictures, you are a beautiful woman.

    • Lol thank you :)

What Girls Said 1

  • I heard from this guy that apparently if a guy says your beautiful then...your pretty.Even though guys might say oh your hot, its usually the guys that say your beautiful that seriously mean it.I don't know if its true though, it depends on what they personally think about you. :P

    • I don't believe that, people are called cute, hot, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous etc. and I'm sure the person meant it.

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