Do guys tend to tease each other about the girls they like?

The guy I've liked for over a year used to talk to me everyday last year and this semester he would ignore me and just walk on by like we never knew each other. My mentality at the time was if he's not making an effort why should I? But whenever I would see him and his friends which was basically everyday, he would look down or the other way but his friends would, they would just stare at me and my friends. However my crush did speak to me when we were both alone which was twice this semester but then preceded to ignore me when he was with his friends. Do you think his friends tease him or something?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Eh, maybe some guys do, but I don't tend to hang out with people that would do that. I would never tease a friend about liking a girl if she was unattractive or something. Not cool. If they're happy with her and she's nice, I'd have to be a total douche to interfere. Though, I would (and have) teased friends when they date a girl with a completely sh*tty personality. Not to be a douche, mind you, but because I don't like seeing friends wind up with people who are "below" them, let's say.

    I'm not sure if his friends are teasing him about you (I hope they aren't. I had a girl stop liking me in high school because she was getting teased about it. Shit sucks). Not really sure what's going on, you may need to be a little brave and press him a bit.