Do guys tend to tease each other about the girls they like?

The guy I've liked for over a year used to talk to me everyday last year and this semester he would ignore me and just walk on by like we never knew... Show More

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  • Eh, maybe some guys do, but I don't tend to hang out with people that would do that. I would never tease a friend about liking a girl if she was unattractive or something. Not cool. If they're happy with her and she's nice, I'd have to be a total douche to interfere. Though, I would (and have) teased friends when they date a girl with a completely sh*tty personality. Not to be a douche, mind you, but because I don't like seeing friends wind up with people who are "below" them, let's say.

    I'm not sure if his friends are teasing him about you (I hope they aren't. I had a girl stop liking me in high school because she was getting teased about it. Shit sucks). Not really sure what's going on, you may need to be a little brave and press him a bit.