Should I keep trying or give up (want to make a decision today, help!)

So there's this girl I've been trying to get to for a while now. First of all, she is a couple of years younger than me and has never had a boyfriend or been in a relationship so I'm guessing maybe that's some kind of obstacle. The important thing here is how she acts around me compared to how she acts with others. She is the kinda shy/quiet/sweet kind of girl. With her friends (male or female) she is very talkative and funny, she is always smiling and laughing and asking questions and commenting on whatever they are saying and tries to keep the conversation going. With me is the opposite, we do talk and we do have a good time doing it, but our conversations go on a different vein, its like we are always teasing and making fun of each other, throwing sarcastic comments, telling each other that our jokes are unfunny, calling each other names, arguing about things that are not really worth arguing about but we get a kick out of it anyway. Although the arguing and teasing is OUR thing, since we don't really do it (at least not constantly) with anybody else, sometimes I feel "less" because she never says anything nice about me. We both know that we are smart and funny and have a quick wit, that's why we get along so well, but she actually tells others when they are smart or funny and I get the "what, what about me?"feeling. If I ask her about it she would either say things like "you are smart...a smartass" or one time I said "I know you think I'm a dumbo" and she said "hey, don't offend Dumbo!" I know its funny and all, but I just can't get her to say anything resembling a compliment (I don't really need one, I'm secure of myself, but it would be nice). When we are on a group, she changes a bit, she goes along with things I say, laughs at my jokes and we just tend to gravitate towards each other and end up talking like if us two were our own little group. Is it a good thing or a bad thing that she treats me differently? I get the vibe that she likes me and likes being with me, but sometimes I get kinda ticked off when she is nice to other guys and all I get is smartass-ness, should I just forget about her or be patient?
Should I keep trying or give up (want to make a decision today, help!)
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